Nut: A mother, watching over us from the heavens

If you are as fascinated by the Egyptian gods and goddesses as I am, you will enjoy this blog from Queen of Heaven.

Queen of Heaven

Pinning down the correct theology of any member of the Egyptian pantheon can be difficult to do.  The Goddesses of ancient Egypt — Hathor, Nut, Isis — trade headdresses of cow’s horns and sun discs, swallow and give birth to Sun Gods and absorb each others’  titles and attributes, growing and shrinking with the ebb and flow of political power and popular imagination.  Like her fellow goddesses the roles and titles of the ancient Sky Goddess Nut seem to have changed.   Her clearest identification is as the personification of the sky, a fact which in and of itself poses a challenge to later orthodoxy, which tended to place the feminine on earth “below” and the masculine above in the heavens.

Perhaps the Ancient Egyptians would have agreed with Ralph Waldo Emerson that consistency is the “hobgoblin of little minds.”  Or perhaps any god who lives for thousands of years…

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