Co-creating a New Humanity: Men and Women Healing the World in Parntership


The painting FEMME Women Healing the World by Nazim Artist

Femme: Women Healing the World is a new award winning documentary film directed by Emmanuel Itier which my husband Nazim Artist and I produced. I am also a featured speaker in the film as well. Nazim and I are often asked what our director meant with this title. First of all Emmanuel  is originally from France and Femme in the French language means woman or  female and Emmanuel felt it was high time to share from the feminine perspective how we women, would propose to create a positive paradigm shift from an industrial military complex that revolves around  the “Big Man,” Dominator, Patriarchal model which we as a people, men and women alike, have suffered under for at least 5,000 years, to a model of peace and oneness. It doesn’t take rocket science to see that patriarchy hasn’t worked nor is it working right now. This domination model relegated women, half the world’s population to second class citizenship and this it has done for millennia.

Emmanuel let the women in FEMME speak as to how they would propose to heal this troubled and unbalanced world.  Amazingly enough none of the women Emmanuel interviewed and there were nearly 600 women originally, (that number was ultimately edited to be at around 100 Femme speakers for the final cut) but not one of us ever proposed that we substitute a matriarchy for the current patriarchal model. It’s important to note also that there has never been a true matriarchy in history at least that I am aware of, because there is no written evidence that there ever was a society where men dominated and oppressed women but rather there was a time when inheritance was passed through the female line and the Goddess was revered. Therefore it is more appropriate to refer to the early Goddess cultures as matrilineal rather than matriarchal.

Each Femme speaker, independent from each other yearned for a partnership and equalitarian society, where we women would have equal albeit different roles to cocreate balance and harmony.  Such as that suggested by the yin/yang symbolism.

Yin/Yang Balance

Yin/Yang Balance

I have found it exciting to travel to the various places FEMME has been screened and participate in question and answer sessions following the film presentation and engage with our audiences as to what they propose to do to help heal the world, along with many of our FEMME speakers such as Marianne Williamson.


Our audiences consist of both men and women and they are very anxious to share their ideas.  The men are quite pleased to learn that this is not feminist film with a feminist agenda. Men are respected here and obviously needed to co-create this new egalitarian model we all wish to see be re-born.

Nazim and I also engage visually with my husbands symbolic art displayed as a mini-exhibition before and after many screening. Nazim’s  paintings are featured throughout Femme. There is one in particular that evokes a healthy discussion. It is called the “Butterfly Nebula” and here you can see the coming together as equal partners, the male and female suggesting the co-creative partnership symbolically.

The Butterfly Nebula by Nazim Arist in Femme Women Healing the World

The Butterfly Nebula by Nazim Arist in Femme Women Healing the World

We often place  this painting on the stage with us for panel discussions, as the butterfly symbolizes the transformation that we all wish to see take place. The very transformation that women healing the world can attain when we form divine partnerships with our “other.”  The ‘other’ does not have to be male nor female as any gender can encompass that which is missing in the patriarchal model. The qualities most conspicuous by their absence are those most often described as caring, sharing and compassion along with, nurturing and nourishing,  which quite naturally come together in divine partnership . A good friend suggested that men might be thought of as those who link themselves to the adage, “I think therefore I am” vs that of the divine feminine who might refer to themselves as, “I love therefore I am.”


The caterpillar seems to be a metaphor for where we are now in our re-evolution because before it can become a butterfly  as it literally dissolves itself and turns into ‘goo’   and it is from that ‘goo’  that they then transforms themselves into a chrysalis. The cells that allow this transformation to take place that are in the caterpillar are known as imaginal cells.

The caterpillar as it goes about its daily life, munching on leaves has absolutely no idea it will one day transcend and morph itself into a butterfly, but that is what possessing imaginal cells does for this  fuzzy little life form. We might even imagine an animation with a dialogue amongst the caterpillars who witness this transformation of caterpillar into chrysalis and then into a butterfly.  If we gave them voices they might say to the newly transformed butterfly, “Wow…your really ugly and funny looking now..whad’ja wanna go and do that for? Come back down to earth and crawl around with us .” There will  certainly be those who will wonder the same thing as we open to the possibility that the imaginal cells that we possess in our own heart tissue might one day offer the same possibility to us. We perhaps just don’t know what our possibilities for transformation are because we don’t know much about our own imaginal cells.  Perhaps we will one day transcend from what we are now to our higher butterfly selves.

Swallowtail Butterfly by Nazim Artist

Swallowtail Butterfly by Nazim Artist

As one of our Femme speakers, Barbara Marx Hubbard mentioned in her blog post of Jan 2, 2014. “Millions of us are moving into the “social chrysalis,” attempting to evolve ourselves and our culture toward a still amorphous undefined society. Each imaginal cell is coded with a unique creativity yearning to be expressed and integrated into the body of the societal butterfly. None of us has seen this form of society. We might call it a co-creative Society in which each person is free to be and do his or her best within the evolving whole.”

I was chatting recently with a good friend of mine, cellular biologist, William Brown  about the idea that imaginal cells are found in our own heart tissue and just how important our hearts energy field is. I also shared with him how I had learned that at a certain point in fetal development that the fetal tissue is all heart, just for a brief flash, moment in time. I suggested whilst discussing Femme with him that in order to heal the world we all needed to learn or rather re-learn how to speak from our heart. I had found it quite amazing that the tongue tip is the next thing to develop following the heart itself and William said:

4D image of fetus in womb

4D image of fetus in womb

“Our tongue tip, emerges from the fetal tissue of the heart before our limbs emerge, therefore the tongue is essentially connected to our heart, even in the adult. The expression, speak from your heart is quite accurate.  In fact, when the tongue is placed against the upper pallet of the mouth it energetically connects the heart with the mind (the heart chakra with the third eye). This is critical for the creation of the heart-mind – for it is only when the brain is receiving the information from the heart that we can become truly enlightened. This is also the channel through which ching (or orgone energy) flows: it goes up the spine from the base and circles around the top of the head, through the third eye, and down through to the heart – this forms the configuration of the Egyptian Ankh. And in fact this is where that symbology comes from. That’s why you will often times see Isis raising Osiris with the Ankh, the key to life.”

ankh and isis_085isis

Speaking from our hearts with these insights becomes critically important in beginning the healing process within each of us as individuals. The healing begins one person at a time as enlightenment occurs within each of us with the knowledge that there is a self healing mechanism more profound than any remedy man has ever created. Therefore we must all possess the ability to effect healing all around us.  And using the butterfly as metaphor, and James Lovelace’s Gaia chaos theory we can become conscious of the notion that even the fluttering of a butterfly’s wings in the Amazon rain forest will have an effect on the weather patterns in Asia.

The healing must begin “heart-centrically” with respect for all life, one person at a time, as we move into our higher selves and trust  that our own imaginal cells are there for a purpose;  that the ‘we’ is more powerful than the ‘me.’

Here is my YouTube interview from Femme which shares how important each of us is when we bring forth new life. I am honored to be the Ambassador to the Global Prenatal Initiative (GPI):

I hope you will be inspired to watch FEMME by streaming or downloading it for a nominal fee at our Art of Wellness Collection website or at my Celestial Musings Facebook page and feel empowered to share it with others so that we can all come together in oneness and truly heal the world.

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