Grounding With Your Paleo Dog!

The Boxer

Grounding, is a new buzz word for many of us who have learned the importance of connecting with Mother Earth. But have we thought much about the importance of grounding to our companion dogs? In a new book entitled, PALEO DOG, Give Your Best Friend a Long Life, Healthy Weight and Freedom from Illness by Nurturing his Inner Wolf, my writing partner Jean Hofve, DVM and I discuss the significance of grounding behind what we might take for granted; the daily walking of our dogs.

We all used to walk barefoot upon our Mother Earth every day. Both humans and their animal companions were in constant contact with the earth until they moved in with us and joined us in our modern twenty first century way of living. Now most of us are missing that direct contact and the wonders of the planet’s magnetic field. It is almost as if we are living on the moon today, because our buildings, our shoes, our cars, our furniture, everything keeps us separate from feeling the dirt, grass, rocks, and sand beneath our toes and paws! Whether we know it or not, we all have a powerful need for this contact, because we are bioelectrical beings living on an electrical planet.

The relationship between inflammation and disease has finally been recognized and been brought to public  attention. Free radicals, which cause and perpetuate inflammation, are everywhere across the media, and every health food store, pharmacy, and grocery store sells nature’s best free radical fighters in the form of antioxidants.

Inflammation was previously considered to be the bodies urgent response to injury and infection and acute, normal inflammation is exactly that. But researchers today are concerned with chronic inflammation, and/or oxidative stress, which is now known to be the underlying cause of most common health disorders in both people and their companion animals, including cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and degenerative conditions like arthritis and cognitive decline (senility). The name of these inflammatory processes usually includes the suffix “-itis”  (such as arthritis, gingivitis, dermatitis, and so on). But what, besides providing specific supplements and feeding a healthy diet, can we do about it for what my writing partner and I refer to as our Paleo Dogs? The answer is not that difficult, because we live right on the surface of what may be the biggest anti-inflammatory device ever conceived: Mother Earth herself. It is the Earth’s surface that provides the magnetic field that we were designed to walk upon.

A strong argument can be made that contact with the soil quenches inflammation by allowing Earth’s infinite supply of negatively charged electrons to rise up into the body and to ramp down the chronic inflammation and free radicals that are truly killing us. The theory of Earth as an anti-inflammatory is still just a theory, but how else can we explain the way that grounding, or also known as Earthing, reduces inflammation and stimulates healing on all levels? We need to get our feet out of our shoes and to get our dogs out on the earth, instead of always being separated from it by floors, cars, and concrete. We need to walk upon the earth’s surface again, lie upon it, lean back against a tree trunk as our ancestors once did and many cultures still do! We must assist this process for our dogs and help them too to reconnect with the earth.

Science understands that chronic inflammation is also a major factor in aging. Can reconnecting with Earth’s magnetic field slow the aging process through its remarkable impact on inflammation?

The natural slowdown that occurs in cells and tissues as we advance in age is responsible for an increased risk of disease and death. Part of this process involves the aging of the immune system, characterized by a chronic low-grade inflammatory status of the whole aging organism. This process is called immunosenescence and has also been appropriately dubbed “inflamm-aging.”

The modern preoccupation with drugs and vaccines has replaced treatments that, for thousands of years, enhanced the immune system, such as Ayurvedic therapies and Chinese medicine, including acupuncture. Instead, today’s preventative treatments, such as vaccines and topical flea and tick products, burden a dog’s body with a toxic overload that can impact his health for the rest of his life. Ultimately, the body simply ceases to be able to deal with this overload.

The Earthing idea is elegantly simple; after you prepare your dog a healthy homemade pale style breakfast, go for a brief walk, barefoot and bare-pawed, when the weather permits even if it just on a tiny plot of grass for a few minutes every day and touch the ground (be sure the surface is not too hot or too cold for your dogs delicate paw pads). Some natural stone surfaces will also help conduct Earth’s healing ability, and there are also special sheets, pads, and devices that can aid in accomplishing some daily indoor grounding.

Artwork courtesy of <a href=””>Nazim Artist</a>

For recipes and veterinarian formulated supplements designed to make the homemade Paleo Dog diet complete see our Celestial Pets Website.

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