Day 25 of my Spring Clean Detoxification Juice Fast


The sun shines brightly today on the 25th day of my Spring Clean detoxification Juice fast. After a restful sleep on the BEMER my husband Nazim and I  had a big glass of Fiji water and then we did our morning, 8 minute BEMER session. The BEMER mat(s) which is called the B-Body can be installed in your bed or basically laid where ever it is convenient for you, such as a lounge chair or even the floor like a yoga mat. This is our B-Body when placed on our lounge chair with a few of the attachments on top, the brain (B-Box) is on the little round table next to chaise. BEMER without you being able to feel really anything is increasing your microcirculation by up to 30% in less then 8 minutes. This means that all the beautiful nutrients in my juices and soups and supplements are getting into my cells by way of the increased vasomotion that the BEMER patented signal causes to happen, your energy is increased by activating ATP (adenosine triphosphate) and waste removal is facilitated from the cells as well. Watch this little video to see what I mean:

My amazing husband Nazim has become the juice king and this morning he made me fresh organic, pineapple, green apple, kale, ginger, lemon juice and I drink a little of it right out of the Breville juicer, then I add some Plant Fusion unflavored protein powder and a scoop of chia seed and whir it a bit in the Bullet blender. I then take all my usual supplements including my Moxxor. I also love to add daily my Rejuvenate Plus powder for that extra boost! The Rejuvenate Plus can also be mixed with just water for a wonderful green pick me up and you can portion it out in little baggies and add it to your water bottle whilst on the go! All the versions of this product are great but the Plus has the flavor that I am most attracted to for my daily greens. I also use Catie’s Greens and Catie’s Antioxidant powders, as well at different times of the day for variety!


I am almost out of the Plant Fusion and will shop today for something different. I noticed in the fine print it has some fructose in it and think I will go back to Whey Protenin. Show me the Whey was the brand we used to use so I will see what catches my eye today at our local health food market!

This week I added a really healthy all organic homemade, pureed vegetable soup once a day to which I add Bragg Sprinkles and either Himalayan Crystal salt or Bragg Amino’s. Nazim made this batch so beautifully I can’t wait to have it again. He made enough to last another week (one tub is in the freezer).

I have to say it is getting easier every day and although I was going for a 30 day cleanse I am contemplating about 4o days. The 40th day would put me at Wondercon in Anaheim but if I take a lot of the pre-made juices with me I may be able to do it! Eating steamed veggies at a restaurant might be a good option and we can take some avocado’s and banana’s too. I just have to be very careful what solids I add back and be gentle on myself.

Nazim and I have a meeting at a local cafe this Saturday, which will be a challenge as it is a French Bakery where they make the best hot chocolate I have ever tasted with a little chili powder in it. They too have a wonderful homemade veggie soup which is also pureed and my plan is to have that with a cup of  herbal tea.

I learned about a company making what looks like a lovely range of juice and smoothie products which are GMO free and all organic. I have cleared the ingredients as well and will pick some up as they are great to travel around with. The company is called Suja Juice Company. I think this is a good option for travel to get good nutrients on the road. I will pick some up and give a report after I try them. Be sure to drink plenty of water each and every day!

Nazim has been accompanying me on a daily walk with our BungyPump walking poles and this has been great!

The BungyPump poles are great training tools and also good for rehab too. Contact me if you would like more information about them as we are marketing them as part of our Art of Wellness Collection.


I highly recommend doing this Spring Cleaning juice fast for yourself! There are many ways to modify it and make it work for you. Some people have a light healthy meal in the evening, too. There have been days when I have felt the need to have an avocado or a banana and so be it. We do the best we can. The first 3 days were the hardest for me as those were the big colon cleanse detox days as I added a supplement specifically for that but it was too harsh for me but other than that I personally have not experienced the healing crisis we hear so much about, but everyone comes to this with their own individual needs. You will never know unless you give it a go!


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