The Importance of B-12 and Omega-3s!

If I could convince juice cleansers, vegans and vegetarians to take one supplement that is not officially vegan or vegetarian, it would be MOXXOR for it’s superior quality and unique array of cold extracted essential fatty acids. Yes the Omega-3 source is a marine lipid from the green lip mussels of New Zealand which are primarily a raw food as are the other two ingredients, white sauvignon blanc grape seed husk extract and kiwifruit seed oil. All 3 ingredients are organic, cold extracted. One further caution is the capsule is from grass fed bovine gelatin. But the green lip mussel eats only phytoplancton itself and is about as low on the food chain as any of  us can go. I know of plants that  just happen to be carnivorous, too!


The video link in this blog below this image of my choice for B-12  explains the critical need  for B-12 and Omega-3s, What the doctor is not sharing with you is that methlcobalamine is the preferred choice over cyanocobalamine (I like sublingual tabs taken daily to get that energy boost). So all B-12s as he mentions are not equal.

And also when the doctor in the video below recommends flax seeds he is also not sharing that many of us do not have the capability to make the conversion necessary to make use of the plant based Omega-3s. He also does not know that if we are taking bio-identical hormones that flax interferes with the receptor sites that compete for the hormones and would render them less effective if you consume flax. I avoid flax and use chia seeds in place of them, I also eat Walnuts, but there is nothing in this world that could get me to give up my MOXXOR and it is 100% sustainable, as well. So watch this video for the science but not the food recommendations this doctor advocates. Not all alleged experts even if they are MDs know the actual dangers of some of the things they say in talks like this, but I share it here because of the scientific need he outlines for B-12 and Omega-3s. His agenda for veganism is way to one sided for my taste at the risk of our health.  You can read up on the various forms of Omega-3s and the pros and cons here. And see pretty clearly why MOXXOE is my choice as is balanced nutrition rather than prejudicial nutrition with a political agenda.  I love plant based diets, don’t get me wrong, and yes primarily raw foods, however as someone with an extensive nutritional background I do advocate not cutting out foods from grass fed pasture raised or wild caught sources. I advocate eating them in moderation.

He is also recommending soy milk, breakfast cereals, red star yeast, all which I wouldn’t  touch with a 10 foot pole. I have shared the reasons for this, in many other posts, gluten in grain in cereals, vitamin D-2 instead of  all important D-3 which is substituted in commercially packaged soy, almond, hemp milk GMOs etc.

If you want to include almond, cashew, milk please make it yourself or buy one from one of the cold pressed juice makers whom you will find at juiceries or in the refrigerated section of some high end health food stores. I had a Cashew/date/vanilla/Himalayan sea salt milk beverage yesterday from Citizen Juice Company that was out of this world. Not pasteurized or ever heated. Truly a Raw food!  All the Citizen Juices look amazing but so far I have only tried the Cashew one called Whitewash. It tasted like a vanilla malt and it was amazing!WHITEWASH_SHOPIFY_SLIM

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