Winding Down my Spring Clean 30 Day Detox!



On day 30 of my spring clean 30 day detox program Nazim and I met our good friend Fernando Vossa in order to share some of the modalities that we deem so important in our health regime. For example, Nazim and I have been doing the BEMER therapy by day and night for nearly two years. Here I am on the Bemer holding Nazim’s hand at a recent Bemer presentation.


And I have also owned what was previously called the Active Air device which has been recently improved and is now known as the NanoVi device for about 7 years now and I have been doing it daily, as well.



You can get an idea of how I like to use the two technologies together in my own health regime by viewing our video from our session which includes some Reiki energy exchange .


We did go to our little health food cafe  after our session locally and I ordered their pureed veggie soup with a green drink and an avocado whilst the boys had sensational meals but al very healthy. I am just easing back to eating in a very gentle but methodical way and keeping the cleanse spirit going as long as possible. This was a wonderful day where several of our friends dropped by the studio for a visit as well. I drank some Raw coconut water on the way home.

Today, Friday April 11, after our daily walk that Nazim and I are doing almost every day  with the BungyPump waling poles and my Z-coil shoes and  here it is already my 33rd day!

Celeste Yarnall in Z-Coil walking shoes with BungyPump walking poles!

Celeste Yarnall in Z-Coil walking shoes with BungyPump walking poles!


Both today and yesterday  we added quinoa to our beautiful homemade veggie soup, and also added a lovely salad with organic arugula and baby heirloom tomatoes and also some fresh basil and Italian parsley with an organic avocado, topped with organic extra virgin, cold pressed first pressed olive oil and organic fig balsamic. Quite yummy!

I am feeling great. My husband Nazim and I had instead of our afternoon organic tea, Teeccino with raw organic milk and later I will have a Citizen Juice Company White Water beverage which is organic cashew milk, dates, vanilla and Himalayan salt.

A great week is coming to an end and I am feeling very pleased about the discipline I have exercised. I have lost weight and managed to keep it off thus far. I have learned a lot about my own will power that is for sure and we aren’t done yet!

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