What do our symptoms of dis-ease tell us?

What do our symptoms of dis-ease tell us?

First off, we need to know ourselves, identify when things feel off and deal with them right away. We all have strengths and weaknesses, right? But do we know what to do when symptoms occur and what we need in our arsenal to counter them before they get a hold on us and incapacitate us enough to seek out traditional medical care.


Your doctor will most often do a blood panel when you go see him and perhaps suggest just for an example that you have a thyroid problem, and he or she knowing so little about nutrition and body, mind and spirit, evidenced based medicine because it is not taught in traditional medical schools, might offer and probably will say that the solution is a prescription thyroid medicine. Hmmm… well let me say this about that…it’s far more complicated than we think.


The thyroid, as so many people have noted, is related to more than 300 health problems. When you’re given a prescription drug that the doctor thinks will hopefully handle your thyroid, is he perhaps overlooking what happened in your life and then of course in your body that caused this thyroid dis-regulation to happen in the first place.

Did you know that the thyroid plays a role even in Lyme Disease for example? As well as perhaps even a mold allergy, which seems to occur  more often according to some experts when the thyroid is not working properly.  And a faltering thyroid prompts all the other endocrine glands to lend a helping hand. It’s like in the old days when the Stage coach used 6 horses to pull their coach and one of them gets knocked out of the group, the others are all off balance without that horse (think of the horses as major glands in the body) and so the rest of the team can’t function properly when one member is down for the count.

It’s very complicated but in the end. It’s never about just that one thing your doctor found to be out of whack!  Your body produces and has been producing symptoms for some time that you just didn’t pay attention to that are now troublesome as they are trying to tell you what your bod needs more or less of. It might just need less stress. In the case of the thyroid gland, you may be cold all the time,  you may experience brain fog, the ends of your eyebrows may be thinning along with your hair. Your skin may be dry and scaly and you just feel fat and bloated or thin and tired. If you just write these symptoms off when they are occurring you are missing the forest for the trees.

Doctors traditionally use that tired old model of one size fits all medicine. But the truth is your thyroid problem and someone else’s may not match at all. So why use the same drug on both of the patients?  A better way to look at it ..is..what am I missing in my daily life or what am I overdoing each day that got me into this predicament and start making healthy lifestyle changes right now. True health care is self care so how ‘bout taking as good care of your body as you do for your car?  It needs the proper oil and the proper fuel doesn’t it otherwise it won’t run well or run at all.


How about researching and understanding that your symptoms might just lead you back to good health if you simply find out what you need to do to rectify them through nourishing and nurturing your body mind and spirit.  Today is the first day of the rest of your life, right?

The easiest step to begin with is nutrition. Have you heard about taking a green drink a couple of times a day? Even Tony Robbins is now preaching with his green drink in hand from his pulpit of knowledge, and its importance. He has his own drink mixes that he sells on his website, but are they organic, non GMO, and free of fillers and excipients? Finding the right products and brands to use is my job so I can help guide you to the ones I have vetted and take myself. All it takes is mixing a scoop of an organic green drink in your water container or glass several times a day such as Simply Young Vital Flow Essentials and also drinking half your body weight in fluid ounces each day. That is not as much water and fluid as you might think but the greens and the water make a huge difference in how you feel and how you approach each day. Have it even before your morning coffee or tea, you may even want to skip that because the greens make you feel so good. I find it lowers my stress level for sure and helps alkalize my system, too.


Prescription drugs present more problems than solutions…just listen to the side effects listed on the TV commercials which are aimed at having you tell your doctor you want this or that drug. I can’t imagine who in their right mind will fall for that brand of advertising but apparently it works or they wouldn’t be spending millions of dollars to make them.


Nutrition is so very powerful and the best medicine I know of. It’s been said by many sages that food is your best medicine but how often do we listen to that advice? You don’t need permission from doctors to eat a healthy diet so what is there to lose by making healthy substitutions. I love my whole food supplement drink mixes which are in powdered form because they mix easily with water, fresh juices, nut milks or can also be blended into shakes and smoothies and even into healthy deserts that you can learn to make yourself. Is it time to re-introduce yourself to your own kitchen and some of the gadgets you have on hand like a juicer or a blender?


The notion of getting my vitamins, minerals and co-factors from whole food supplements instead of a vitamin pill resonates so beautifully with the human body and we also benefit by the extra fluid in take.  Watch and see what happens to you when you add them to your daily regime. Is your skin getting smoother and more vibrant, is your hair looking glossier, is your weight normalizing, is your pain going away? Do you sleep better and awaken refreshed? Getting all of our minerals and trace minerals from organic or wild crafted, NON GMO, gluten free, chemical free, cruelty free sources just gives your body the proper fuel that it needs to perform well instead of what you think tastes good. Believe me these foods taste good, too and will feel even better as your body gently detoxes the old stored poisons and heavy metals and toxic chemicals that fast food, GMO’s, chemtrails and drugs everywhere even in our water have loaded into our cells. And speaking of cells, we have over 50 trillion of them and we make new ones every 120 days. How about just doing an experiment as to how you feel over the next 120 days as you drop the harmful, toxic foods and beverages and replace them slowly but surely with healthy whole food organic choices. Just do it one day a time and if you fall off the wagon get back on it the next day. It doesn’t hurt to weigh yourself and check on how you are doing..are you gaining, maintaining or losing fat?


We know that dis-ease is never about just one thing it’s about everything you think, believe in, drink, eat and do, each and every moment of your life. Start with a few baby steps. Could you take two Moxxor super omega-3 capsules per day to ramp down inflammation? Could you pack a lunch and snack bag with little baggies of healthy drink mixes instead of going for fast food or to Starbucks? Here in California it is getting more and more fashionable to do this. A visit to a local organic juice bar will prove interesting for you if you haven’t been to one lately. Look at how the people look and act and look at the kids the moms bring in. Engage in conversation with these folks and see what it is they do to look so good. For me it’s my Moxxor and my Simply Young drink mixes that are my foundation products but also the way we shop and what we then prepare to put in our bodies or the choices we make if at a restaurant. I can’t however  imagine making a conscious choice to go to a fast food restaurant or a Starbucks for a corn syrup laden drink or saturated fat filled burger and fries. I can do a much better job at home if I want a burger. My body and my health mean far more to me than just stuffing fast food into it. If I want a treat there are plenty to choose from at our local health food store and eating in our own home where we love preparing healthy organic meals in our kitchen is far better then getting sick on that bread basket they put in front of you when you are starving, which is full of gluten and bromines that makes us all sick, put fat around our hearts and upsets our digestion evidenced by the bloat and gas the grains from wheat corn and soy produce in our bodies. Never mind the fact that they are almost ALL GMO (genetically Modified).


Give listening to your bodies signals and symptoms a go, as well as working with whole organic foods and drink mixes and just drinking half your body weight in fluid ounces of pure water each day, such as recommended athttp://www.artofwellness.simplyyoung.com. The rest of your life begins with that next step..and that next step and just by ordering the Simply Young Vital Flow Essentials which is a power packed emerald green drink and take some Moxxor too is a step in the right direction to healthier you. See http://www.MoxxArt.com and see how you feel making just those tiny changes. You may find you want to move your body a little bit and get some exercise too even if it is just a walk around the block.  You may find making these tiny changes that you can dance to the beat of your own beautiful drum and pay your new amazing lifestyle forward.


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