Cancer Treatment for Celestial Musings blogger and Actress, Celeste Yarnall

Celeste Yarnall 72

Hello everyone! I am so sorry that I have not been making posts to my Celestial Musings blog regularly but I think if you read the story that my husband Nazim shares with you all on our new GoFundMe page you will understand what has happened and what I have been going through. Please check out the link at and give what you can as no contribution will be considered too small, for my ongoing cancer treatment costs, but do share this link with others so you can  help me beat this nasty disease! The minimum donation at gofundme is $5 and I am grateful for every penny my friends can spare.

I am blessed to have friends and fans in the Elvis and Star Trek world as well as the Bewitched community. I hope to reach out to all the folks who are so near and dear my heart and be back out soon to the media, new age and autograph conventions where I like to be of value to others. Right now I am preparing myself to be at the Conscious Life Expo, February 6th, 7th and 8th where I will appear on the Ancient Alien panel and also do a workshop on Ancient Alien Goddesses. Please see my other blog called Ancient Alien Goddesses right here on Word Press, If you cannot attend the conference you can also live stream the Ancient Alien panel by using this link which benefits me directly in a small financial way if you purchase your tickets there.

I know many of you have gone through the surgeries, the aftermath and the chemo therapy and can completely relate to this ordeal but I am sure you also know full well that while everyone wants you to rid your life of stress, in come the bills that insurance doesn’t cover which seem endless and that adds more stress to an already stressed person life. Credit cards max out all too quickly that is for sure.

I have never asked for help before, instead I have been the one to contribute to others and was always happy and gratified to do so. Now the shoe is on the other foot and there must be, I am certain, a profound lesson here for me to learn. I am humbled and grateful to you all for your blessings of light and love and also for what you can afford to give comfortably. If everyone just does a little bit that would be great!

This all came as such a shock to me as I thought I had put on weight on around my middle, but despite my efforts to cleanse, juice fast, etc. the abdomen would just not come down and weight loss was next to impossible.  All I can say is this is now a heck of a way to lose weight!

I am sharing my story with you here so that if you ever a have a symptom like the ones I experience, you won’t ignore them as I did for so long. I had started to feel on my 70th birthday in July like I was 5 months pregnant but chalked it up to spending too much time in front of the computer, becoming more and more sedentary in my life style and that must be what was causing this bloating.

I was however taking a long walk each day that I could make time to do it with my Bungy Pump walking poles but still there was that belly! I stuck my head in the sand and thought this must be a part of aging. Well, I was certainly wrong and discovered that when my bladder prolapsed from the weight of what I now know was fluid on my abdomen. My good friend who is a naturopathic doctor said when I shared these symptoms with him that I should head straight for my OB/GYN and so I set out to find a new doctor nearer where I live. I was going to wait till after the first of this year so as to start the deductible out fresh but when I was on the phone to make that first appointment the nurse suggested I come right in and so I did. I think these people help to save my life by prompting me to take action as I didn’t feel sick at all.

On November 21st 2014, I saw this wonderful new lady gynecologist who sent me straight away for pelvic ultrasound. I keep thinking this must be a gallbladder issue or perhaps the surgery for an umbilical hernia I had a couple of years ago had re-ruptured but this would not be the case. My new doctor couldn’t see much from the ultra sound because of the fluid she said that was in my peritoneal cavity and so that evening she convinced me to be admitted to the hospital for tests. Thank heavens I agreed as I usually run from hospitals let alone anything to do with Western medicine but I packed my bag and off  my husband Nazim and I went to our local hospital. There, waiting for me was one of the finest doctors and surgeons for women’s issues on the planet who sent me down for a CAT scan ASAP. I got a preliminary diagnosis on the spot for stage 3 Primary Peritoneal cancer. Woah!!! I didn’t cry or over react. I was calm and just said what do we do? It would be surgery for me ASAP. He had me do that awful bowel prep you do before a routine colonoscopy for two days until I was all cleaned out and then I went into emergency surgery on November 25th knowing I would do 6 rounds of chemo,  as soon as I could tolerate it after surgery.

I didn’t take any drugs really my whole life except a few rounds of antibiotics. I had only been on bio-identical hormones and had had that umbilical hernia surgery two years previous to this, so I didn’t really have any experience with hospitals for myself although my Mom had gone through colon cancer surgery 3 times but lived to be nearly 98. She never did chemo and was so very healthy again  taking no prescriptions drugs her whole life.

The doctors told me that even though this was stage 3 cancer than none of my vital organs were effected, that it was localized and I was in excellent health. Many of you know how fanatic I have been about taking my whole food supplements such as MOXXOR for the last 5 years every day and using my Simply Young shake and drink mixes daily along with regular use of my BEMER Pro daily and its sleep system along with using the Active Air/Nano Vi device daily for over 8 years and eating an organic diet to the best of my ability so it seems that all that had paid off because I had no idea what was in store for me.

Besides going through the battery of tests, blood, XRAYS, EKG’s etc. I was getting a bit run down after the bowel prep, so I had to have what is called a “Pick line” surgically implanted in my left upper arm which was done under local anesthesia. This line allows the doctors to draw blood, give me IV’s, which included total nutrition and put in other meds. I started to look like the bionic woman as they hooked me up to all these bags! The nutrition they supply is called TPN which they have to monitor your blood sugar regularly and when the sugar in this stuff raises your blood sugar, then you get insulin shots to bring it down to normal. I was also given an injection to prevent blood clots that went into my abdomen each night which was rather painful and not something I looked forward to, but it did its job thank heavens!

My darling husband Nazim spent every day and night in my room with me as they provided a sleeping couch for caregivers and also food for him for breakfast lunch and dinner as I got my nourishment through this Pick Line which is actually inserted into a vein that goes very close to ones heart. It’s quite a long tube but I was grateful it was now in place and I could be hydrated, nourished and medicated without constantly having to have a vein accessed. My beautiful daughter, Cami also came every day and would stay and be my caregiver so Nazim could go to our home and feed our kitties and take care of our lives.

I waited anxiously the morning of the big surgery, which was November 25th for my scheduled time to go to the OR.  I had along with my husband Nazim, waiting with me to go to surgery, my beautiful daughter Cami, my amazing son-in-law Stephen, while my precious granddaughter, Gaby was home resting as the whole family had left the day I went to see my new OB/GYN for Paris for Thanksgiving. I had to call them in Paris to tell them what I was facing and I reached Cami and my granddaughter Gabby, right after they landed. She immediately scheduled a flight for the family, (my son in law had been on another flight) to return to be with me but they all made time to shop in Paris to bring me some amazing presents. So there we all were in my room waiting for that gurney to come get me which seemed like a lifetime. Finally the aid came and Nazim and my daughter  and son-in-law came down all those halls with me being wheeled on the gurney as far as they could go. I waited to go in the OR with them all by my side. My daughter had a protective crystal for me and kept applying a lavender oil essential oil blend to my wrists and temples. I had no idea what I was in for!

I remember finally going into the OR and it really didn’t look like it looks on TV and then I remember scooting myself onto the operating table with the help of the aids. I said to the anesthesiologist that I had not taken drugs my whole life but please could have some good ones now and he said yes. Little did I know that after the lights went out for me that I would be intubated, put on a ventilator, etc. Later when I woke up in ICU, I couldn’t talk because of that ventilator down my throat and my family was there when I woke up. I remember since I could’t talk that I wrote very silly notes to them. Such as where is the lavender oil? I think I was out for a while following what I found out had been an 8 hour surgery. My surgeon oncologist Dr. Scott Eisenkop had a plastic surgeon with him to do the close for the incision and my brand new OB/GYN angel Dr. Stephanie Mandleman assisted Dr. Eisenkop for the whole 8 hours. I was told he got all the cancer, gave me a complete hysterectomy from the cervix up, did two bowel resections, and removed 10 pounds of cancerous fluid from my abdomen. No wonder I had that belly! He had also had to do some scraping inside my abdomen, as this type of cancer lays on your organs rather than goes inside them. I did have a small tumor on my left ovary that hadn’t been detected on ultra sound and one half that size on my right ovary, so they call this ovarian/Primary Peritoneal cancer. There were tumors lying here and there such as on my diaphragm where they needed to be scraped off, for lack of the official word he used to remove them.

My doctor was very confident that he got it all and also said that no lymph nodes were affected.

In ICU they removed the breathing machine/ventilator device, ultimately this thing that they put into your artery on your neck which is an arterial blood drain. But the NG (nasal/gastric) tubes that remained in my nose and went down into my abdomen were my primary complaint. The pain I was experiencing was in my nose, throat and ears rather than my belly which was rather numb from that long invasive surgery. The nurses would keep asking me what my pain level  like on a scale of 1-10. I was so thirsty but could only suck on the those pink lolly pop looking, oral moisturizer. I was there in ICU for 3 days the last of which was Thanksgiving day. It’s so noisy in there and the lights are on all day and night was driving me crazy being in ICU so I got some ear plugs and an eye covering waiting to get the heck out of there and go to my room. That finally happened!

I had made a big mistake thinking I could take those narcotic drugs they offered based on my answer to the 1-10 question and that there would be no consequences. After one dose of morphine, which I hated as it made me loopy I found a drug I liked called Dilautid. But it caused what is called an ileus and that is where your bowels just go to sleep. I had just gotten the awful NG tubes removed from my nose and throat when I started heaving, vomiting and and retching so you could hear me all the way down the hall. They sent me down for an abdominal XRAY and this ileus showed up.  So now they had to put the tubes back in my nose and remember I had been under anesthesia when this was done before and I now they would put them back with no anesthesia so believe me I knew from others how horrible this would be. But, I had a wonderful nurse who got me through this by giving me a drug called Adivan but it still felt like somebody stabbed me in the sinus with an ice pick and made me pretty miserable until we could get my bowels to wake up and this they did with a vengeance. It would be quite some time before those horrible tubes would be taken out again and I wanted to be sure everything was working before I would let them take them out but alas my body started working properly.

Now to make matters worse the nurse comes in to tell me I have an infection which probably came into me in the OR which they called something like an article of surgery..not sure about that but the bug was called  Pseudomonas. They brought in a wonderful infectious disease specialist whom I really liked who calmed me down about this and said they would just hit the bug hard with a big anti-biotic for a few days and then if all was going well back off to something milder and he ordered a good probiotic for me too called Bio K.  Meanwhile the foley catheter in my urethra was driving me crazy because it feels constantly like a you have a bladder infection, which I then found that I had as well. Now lets not forget at the surgery site there are three drains hanging off my belly. Who knew all this was part of it unless you went through it yourself?

My doctor started my chemo therapy in the hospital in my 4th week there, after finally getting the foley catheter removed, the drains removed, the tubes out of my nose and going to a liquid diet, a soft diet and then real food,  was finally going slowly back into my body.

Before chemo we get another surprise and that is they need to surgically implant a power port under my collar bone with a tube that leads to my heart on the other side (right side of my chest) whilst the Pick line is on left. This is quite a big deal which I was done in radiology, rather that the OR and it was painful afterwards so they gave me a few days to recover from this minor surgery before my chemo would commence in the hospital, but just the first round. The next ones are done at the infusion center at the same hospital.

The night before chemo at midnight I had to take 5 steroid tablets, then at 6 am 5 more and a cocktail of preparatory drugs goes in my IV drip prior to the chemo itself. The nurses get all suited up like they are gong to the moon and they access my new power port to install the needle for these various catheters to allow the drugs to go gently into my body. The first nurse missed..ouch and so she brought in another nurse to access the power port. Chemo was/is an all day affair which was not all that uncomfortable, especially after already going through so much. I would usually hide my eyes from light and keep my eye shades on or watched TCM channels old news for me..just old movies all day long especially ones that would make me laugh. O f course you get awakened every few hours in the hospital for something such as for insulin monitoring, blood pressure, breathing and heart stuff. They usually come in just when you have fallen asleep. I remember saying to a new male nurse that I hadn’t had before couldn’t you just let me sleep though the midnight visit and he said oh that’s all I need..I come back and if your not breathing it will be McDonald’s for me…yikes that was harsh. I asked that he not be sent to me again as he also messed up my blood draw..they all freaked out and came running in saying that all my levels were a mess, so they took out more blood and everything was normal so bye bye to this guy. All my other nurses had been amazing so no big thing. He didn’t answer my call button either so that was nice of him.

I had a lovely room/suite on the oncology floor and finally, as I said, got to eat some solid food and this hospital’s food was pretty good and even offered a gluten free menu. But two days after my chemo I was finally released to go home after 4 grueling weeks. My wonderful daughter and family prepared a lovely guest suite for Nazim and me at their lovely home and I am now getting great care along with home nursing quite regularly and physical therapy.

I have had my second chemo treatment which was done at the infusion center at the hospital and it took and will continue to take 10 hours as I get 3 different kinds of chemo; taxol, carbo platin, and Avastin (sic) plus all the other stuff they give you. Although they say not to, I am taking all my supplements such as MOXXOR Omega 3 and drinking my Simply Young shake and drink mixes, along with D3, Selenium, immune support, Geneflora probiotic and Bio K, a whole food multi vitamin, etc and so far I have had a huge drop in my CA125, which my doctor is thrilled about after the first chemo. We’ll know more when my next blood results are in.

2015-01-08 08.32.58

So here I am with a positive mind set, dealing with the side effects of chemo and healing from the surgery, which I won’t bore you with, but all in all I think I am coming through the mists and can see 100% healing on the horizon but as you know the funding for this is critical.

If all my beautiful friends could just give $5 or $10 (more of course is welcome) I think it would all start to add up and the financial stress of all this could lift a bit…you never dream what it all costs even with insurance! We are also exploring all the holistic options out there as well.

My doctor also has some exciting things for me planned as we banked a bit of my tumor for future use to make a vaccine to give me to help my body defend itself against this cancer. This is very expensive and not covered by insurance and I will need to travel most likely by air to Texas to get these shots regularly. He has many other things in mind too but again this requires your help and that means I must ask you to donate to help me get well and get back out in the world and be of help to others which is what I like doing best, through my books, personal appearances, speaking engagements, film production..however I can reach and inspire people to help themselves personally and help our planet come together in oneness and peace. I so want to be a part of future conscious film making, like I was involved in with the documentary I helped to produce and also appeared in called Femme Women Healing the World!

Thank you so much dear friends! All my love and blessings to each and every one of you. Nazim and I wish you all a healthy, happy 2015!

Here is the gofundme link where you can donate. 

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