Challenging the germ theory?

Most of you know I like to shake things up a bit and open my mind to possibilities that much of the information we take as gospel is not quite what we think it is. Check out this post.


Germ Theory of Disease

The Germ Theory past and present!

We have all inherited ‘epigenetically,’  (that which is above the genome) a set of belief systems. One major belief system widely accepted today is the germ theory! We have had it drilled into our brains that germs are bad and they are ‘out there’ waiting to invade both ourselves and our  beloved companion animals!

We all  believe through our acquired belief systems that we must take great precautions to keep the germ enemies at bay. Granted, proper hygiene has done much to improve our health but could this belief system have now been carried too far?  We all have been taught to wash our hands frequently, to sneeze or cough into a tissue, to quickly snatch something off the floor within the requisite 30 seconds of landing time, before putting it in our mouths or our pets mouthes! But just where did this ‘germ theory’…

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