Omega 3 and your Gallbladder

Omega 3 and your Gallbladder

There are studies in both animals and humans suggesting that ingestion of omega 3 oils prevents the formation of cholesterol gallstones.


Apparently omega 3s maintain the proper cholesterol saturation index or the ratio of cholesterol to bile salts. However, taking omega 3 is not enough because the most commonly ingested fat, omega 6 interferes with the proper functioning of omega 3.

One of the most important factors for optimal cell function, is the ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 in our cell membranes. Too much omega-6 inhibits our cell’s ability to communicate with other cells, makes our cells become hardened (which makes expelling waste difficult), and also makes them less flexible (compromising cell function and overall health).

It is important to strike the right balance between the two as too much omega-6 can lead to a cascade of systemic inflammation, which then leads to a host of disease states. (See list below.)

Omega-3 consumption makes up just over 2% of our total dietary intake, while polyunsaturated omega-6 consumption is 37%! The main culprit behind this imbalance can be found in vegetable oils. Soybean oil, safflower oil, canola oil, corn oil, sunflower oil, etc.


Each one of these contain a specific fatty acid chain called Linoleic Acid (LA). LA is a pro-inflammatory fatty acid which means it is responsible for the following:

Constricted airways
Increased blood clotting
Constricted blood vessels
Reduced circulation
Increased swelling
Increased pain sensitivity

We of course need the inflammatory response for injury. However, too much creates a chronic inflammatory state.


It’s not cooking with these oils that is the only problem, it’s the packaged foods people consume that is the culprit.

Check your pantry or refrigerator and take a look at the labels on your packaged foods such as salad dressings or even dark chocolate. You will see some of the following ingredients among the first 3 listed: soy lecithin, soybean oil, canola oil, safflower oil, sunflower oil and the like. These are the omega-6 oils which cause inflammation. Ideally you want to nix the Omega-6 and increase your Omega-3 consumption either through eating fish such as wild caught salmon or supplementing with a high quality omega 3 supplement such as MOXXOR daily.


Be sure to check the first 5 ingredients listed on labels which list ingredients from most to least because we all need to cut down on those omega-6’s at the same time. Too much omega-6 is hard on your health and hard on your gallbladder.

Studies show that EPA found in fish and shell fish such as green lip mussels, helps to prevent the formation of gallstones, and helps with the opposite of that whole list above! It is anti-inflammatory, decreases pain, decreases clotting, etc. – all of which is why I recommend taking MOXXOR daily. Don’t be afraid of not being able to digest it; it’s easy on gallbladders. Please visit for more information on why I truly believe that MOXXOR is the finest Omega-3 supplement on the planet!


MOXXOR contains only 3 organic, cold extracted ingredients!


Note: MOXXOR’s capsules are tiny and easy to swallow not like the big horse pills you find with fish oil supplements.


MOXXOR is the perfect fish oil replacement and contains all 18 Omega-3’s known to man!

Always consult your doctor about health issues, as I am not a medical doctor or other medical professional, and the content of the Celestial Musings Blog should not be viewed as healthcare diagnosis, treatment regimen or any other prescribed healthcare instruction. It is provided as general information only and no action should be taken based solely on the contents of this blog.


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