Why nurses are vital to the medical cannabis community

If you are considering the use medically of Cannabis oils (CBD & THC) I highly recommend that you consult with a qualified cannabis nurse specialist and Eloise Theisen at http://www.greenhealthconsultants.com is amazing. She is both knowledgable as well as a wonderful, caring person.


Cannabis has been gaining momentum as a viable and safe medical treatment over the last several years. More and more people are seeking cannabis to treat a variety of ailments. Most are hoping to replace or reduce the use of pharmaceuticals. And why not? Prescription medications can come with a long list of side effects, some of which are deadly. In addition to an extensive list of side effects, many people report minimal effectiveness from the prescription medications. Not surprising since most pharmaceuticals are studied in white 60 year old males.

As it now stands, cannabis is a last resort for many. Only after failing multiple traditional treatments do people find their way to cannabis. I often hear “what do I have to lose?” My response- Nothing! And there is much to be gained when incorporating cannabis. Coming to cannabis can be a big ordeal for many. The stigma is…

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