I’m an Ovarian Cancer Survivor!

Leaving the hospital, following my successful surgery with the good news that I am ovarian cancer free!

Leaving the hospital, following my successful surgery with the good news that I am ovarian cancer free!

I’m back home now! My huge abdominal hernia, cantaloupe size mass removal and repair surgery was/is 100% successful. AND the pathology from the exploratory portion of the surgery confirmed that I am ovarian cancer free!!!!!

This journey started last November where I went through an 8 hour surgery (which included a complete hysterectomy, two bowel resections and the removal of 10 pounds of fluid from my peritoneum, hours of debunking (the scraping away of cancer seeds throughout my peritoneal cavity and a 4 week hospital stay).

2015-01-08 08.32.58

I then did 6 rounds of chemo. The photo above was taken during chemo at the infusion center of my local hospital.

This new surgery that was done July 24, 2015, was amazing as it provided us with the samples for the biopsies which allowed us to getting this happy news. This was the best birthday present ever. My 71st was two days after the surgery. I still have 2 blood clots in my abdomen (DVTs) and must take daily Lovinox injections which is a blood thinner for the next 6 months at least but no other meds are needed except to finish up the antibiotics, which I will do today. They sent me home with some other meds that are ok to use as needed during the healing process including a pro-biotic. The healing period will be 3 months but I prefer to stay with my holistic regime that has played such a huge role thus far in my success and pair it with mainstream medicine when and if needed.

I will be continuing my entire alternative cancer regime, which is extensive as this has been both my calling and my vocation for the last 20+ years for both people and their companion animals.

Heading the list is my daily use of the amazing BEMER device which along with all my other protocols and supplements such as MOXXOR  have worked so beautifully along with the mainstream cancer treatment.

All of your blessings and generosity have been so wonderful and Nazim and I are not only grateful.. we know this wonderful result couldn’t have happened without all of your help.

To keep the cancer away we simply must carry on with all that we are doing which as you know is costly and financially this is so difficult on us (it’s a full time job to heal) however I know you will do the very best you can for me by sharing my gofundme page and please know straight from my heart that even a $5 donation is so very helpful that words cannot express adequately what it means to us.

When I got the news of the biopsies all being negative I got up out of the hospital bed following surgery and did a victory lap in the hospital corridor on the walker they provided. I high fived the nurses as we passed them as I was virtually sobbing from joy. It was an amazing occasion and one not often seen with Ovarian cancer! That is my oh so happy update for now and the best 71st birthday present I could have ever received! And I am contemplating a book on this!

Here is the link to my Gofundme page which I keep updating on a regular basis.

All my love and gratitude to each and everyone of you!



One thought on “I’m an Ovarian Cancer Survivor!

  1. Great news! Thank you for the update. I hope you continue to feel better as you have a lot of life still ahead of you.

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