Is it Safe to Take Antioxidant Type Supplements with Chemo or Radiation?

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My hair is growing back now, as well as my eyebrows and eyelashes. I happy to share that I am in remission from stage 3 Ovarian cancer now however I know I must keep up with everything to stay the course.
Remember, that if you take one prescription drug and then add another your body starts making new compounds and this number goes up exponentially the more you add drugs.
I would keep count of what they were giving me and if the number hit 6 drugs at one time I would say to the doctors and nurses that something (some drug) has to go now, as I will not take all these drugs at the same time. In hospitals some drugs keep coming when you no longer need them. When in the hospital or in medical care you have to be your own advocate and question everything, research it to the best of your ability and seek a second opinion if you don’t like the answers you get back. I did and the CAT scan caught two life threatening blood clots in my abdomen (DVTs)
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The problem is, treatments are all so costly and insurance doesn’t cover certain things as we all know and those bills add up. We thought we were well prepared for emergencies with savings and good insurance however you will never understand the scope of this unless you or someone very close to you goes through cancer treatment. We have set up a Gofundme campaign to help me get the treatments I need to battle cancer and I am so appreciative all of you who have helped me so generously. 
It’s also surprising to see how many doctors that you or I might want to work with who have opted out of Medicare and with that choice we can’t bill secondary insurance because they have to bill medicare first and then the secondary is there to pick up the slack.
If you know people on chemo, share this article with them and let them know the success I have had with Moxxor and several other alternatives along the way which I have shared here, as well such as BEMER and Simply Young. My feeling is, if it’s a whole food, organic supplement and you could eat those foods then you can have the whole food organic supplement because who can eat the same thing every day. Just be sure whatever you are taking is nonGMO and organic or wild crafted. If it is not don’t bother with it. I know the better products cost more however you can usually bet that they are worth it and we don’t need so called bargain supplements when it comes to saving our own lives!
In the case of Omega 3 (Moxxor) our bodies don’t store Omega 3s nor do our bodies make it for us so we have to take a supplement every day or over eat the same food such as wild caught salmon every day. Fish comes with high risks today for mercury and other heavy metals and these types of fish oil type supplements are processed with hexane gas as are those who claim to be Moxxor’s competitors. Moxxor is my choice because it is very low on the food chain, environmentally friendly and contains a totally unique array of all 18 Omega 3’s which come from New Zealand’s green lip mussels. Moxxor contains all the Omega 3s known to man which are powerful anti-lnflammatories. Moxxor also contains organic antioxidants from GSE (grape seed extract) which it uses as an all natural organic preservative and kiwifruit which is used instead of the cheap vitamin E others us. Kiwi fruit contains a high amount of natural vitamin E. These are the only ingredients in Moxxor and none have ever been cooked or frozen.
You can order Moxxor right from my website and it comes with a 60 day unconditional money back guarantee. I am in my 6th year of taking Moxxor daily however I do not make medical claims ever and no one thing is right for all people however sharing it with your ‘open minded’ integrative doctors is a very good idea. I am here to help if you need it, as I know it works and how it works.

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