Are You Getting Real Selenium or a Toxic Synthetic?

This post shares information on sodium selenite/selenate which is said can cause cancer, whereas the selenium found within food grown in the rich soil that contains it, or in the good laboratory chelated forms such as selenomethionine have all been shown to prevent and combat cancer. Check your supplements list of ingredients to see if it contains Sodium Selenite or selenomethionine and see if after you read this post you want to support a company that makes compromises in it ingredients that are not to your benefit.



We can find many popular products today that we think are using natural selenium supplements, such as Twin Lab “Sodium Selenite” and Vitamin Research Products “Selenium.” There are also many brands of veterinary vitamins that list it on their label that you thought you could buy with confidence from your vet. There are also some nutrition shakes, such as “Kids Essentials,” and Nestle’s “Nutrament,” that contain this chemical version as well. And how about the infant formula you might have purchased from Sam’s Club, called “Simply Right,” or Enfamil’s, “Premium Infant Formula Powder”? Even multi-vitamins such as “Centrum” by Pfizer and/or “One-A-Day” by Bayer, who sell millions of bottles a month, contain this toxic synthetic. After a quick sweep of Costco labeling I found it in many products. ‘OK,’ you say, ‘so what’s the big deal about the fact that they all contain sodium selenite?’

What’s wrong with sodium selenite?

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