Celeste Gets Beamed up!

Celeste gets Beamed up

Greetings everyone!

We are still actively raising the funding to continue to go off shore to Perseus PCI in the Grand Cayman Islands for the rest of the series of vaccine like treatments where my own stored tumor tissue has been mixed with my blood to create an immunological strategy whilst I am in remission..this is why I need to continue to ask for everyones help as the incidence of return for Ovarian cancer is very high. We appreciate all donations even for just $5 at our GoFundMe page!


In the meantime, since walking is becoming more  difficult for me I may have gotten a transport wheel chair for use around town however Medicare would not cover it. The wheelchair assistance at the airports as I resume life has been awesome.

2015-12-17 14.30.15

I share and keep updating my journey through cancer recovery on my GoFundMe which many of you may recall began in November of 2014, when I went to my GYN for a relatively routine visit (I did have abdominal bloating which was concerning me) and that resulted in a diagnosis that very night after seeing the doctor with her checking me in to the hospital for tests. This is when my husband Nazim and I first heard the dreaded cancer word as the doctor after reviewing my CAT scan found stage 3 ovarian/peritoneal cancer. I was immediately prepped over the next 48 hours for my big 8 hour surgery and thankfully my amazing surgeon said he got it all, and did something very progressive. He stored my tumor live at StoreMyTumor.com for what he explained before surgery would be used to make me my own vaccines off shore to prevent cancer from returning however I had to do so he said, 6 rounds of chemo. I got through that thanks I believe to using my BEMER device daily. There would be some trials and tribulations along the way such as a collection the size of a cantaloup in the surgery site of lymphatic fluid called a Lymphocyst, two blood clots would be discovered as well on CAT/PET scans but no cancer showed up and blood work was normal but there was a massive incisional hernia that needed repair. So I had to have another surgery to make the repairs in July 2015. The biopsies were all negative to cancer.

I did  some physical therapy because my ability to walk from so much downtown worsened the degenerative disease in my hips and so we added chiropractic and acupuncture treatments to my regime. But my my ability to walk has become more and more difficult despite my powerful happy out look.  The recoveries from two surgeries, blood clots requiring daily Lovinox injections in my thighs each day didn’t help either. So consequently I have been so immobilized by all that I have gone through that it is impossible to straighten up and walk like I used to.

2015-07-07 16.28.29

Right now nearly every step I take is an effort and I am using a cane to get around but Nazim and I and my wonderful doctors have great faith in my powers of recuperation. Especially with BEMER there to help me every day and night. And there are things that may be options in the future such as hip replacements or stem cells. I have a consultation with a hip surgeon April 29th.

Money seems always to be an issue as insurance allows for a specific number of visits for alternative therapies to keep me going such as chiropractic/acupuncture/physical therapy and these treatments seem to be only covered for “x” number of visits.

It is so difficult to ask for help financially to get through all this and that which insurance does not cover therefor anything any of you can share (even $5) as donation to my fund is so helpful and very much appreciated.

As most of you know my BEMER therapy daily is the most important part of my husbands and my paradigm which we call The Art of Wellness Collection. And my testimony regarding my personal use of the BEMER is nothing short of miraculous, as to the benefits of using it, along with loads of other alternative healing therapies; such as the acupuncture, and chiropractic treatments; physical therapy, diet, walking (as best I can with my Bungy Pump walking poles and Smovey’s), etc., all had been done, along with Western Medical’s, “Standard of Care.”

Celeste demonstrating the BEMER at Conscious Life Expo!

Celeste demonstrating the BEMER at Conscious Life Expo!

You might ask what does the BEMER do?

The BEMER enhances General blood flow, the bodies nutrient and oxygen supply and waste disposal, Cardiac function, Physical fitness, endurance, strength and energy, concentration, mental acuity, stress reduction and relaxation and Sleep management
See http://www.artofwellness.bemergroup.com/


It is really fantastic as Mr. Spock would say for me to share the BEMER because of my guest starring role on the original series (TOC) episode entitled, The Apple because BEMER recently signed a cooperation agreement with NASA so you can imagine why I couldn’t wait to tell my friends that BEMER on Earth would soon also be in space!

This is me on Star Trek and a relatively recent portrait of me before I was diagnosed and treated for cancer.


I truly don’t know what I would do without my BEMER device, as well as my wonderful omega 3- supplement which is a major part of my neutroceutical protocol and is called MOXXOR! These, two modalities BEMER and MOXXOR are both part of my daily regime.


As we work to raise  funding to continue the immunotherapy off shore, the work now to keep me walking keeps trudging on but I have also been cleared for physical therapy at a local facility of my choice. However, I know there will be a co-pay for each visit for PT, as well. Medicare covered a few PT visits at home however I need so much more so that is on hold for now as the most important thing is to raise the rest of the funding for the immunotherapy in Grand Cayman at Perseus.

2015-12-14 19.15.09

The photo above is of Nazim and me with Dr. Sook Yin and Roberta and Raymond at Perseus!

The money outlay to get well never stops flowing out! It is so stressful for me at a time in my life when I need as little stress as possible.

I know so many of you know what cancer does to our loved ones on the body, mind and spiritual level but also sadly on a financial level.

I am every day doing my best on line to work from home to share what I have learned along with the products, such as the BEMER devices and the services such as Perseus that have helped to save my life and put me in remission.


Feel free to email me Celeste@artofwellnesscollection.com for more information on BEMER.

2016-01-22 10.04.01

Unknown copy

Contact: Celeste Yarnall, Ph.D

Independent BEMER Distributor


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