Happy Thanksgiving on the one year anniversary of my cancer diagnosis and first surgery!

Dear Friends

It will be one year ago that I got my cancer diagnosis on November 21st after what I thought would be a routine visit to my GYN. What a surprise that was to find I had stage 3 ovarian cancer and what a year it has been just to survive it all.

2015-07-07 16.28.29

I was in the ICU on Thanksgiving day last year recovering from my first 8 hour surgery and blood transfusions. Wow… it is good to be alive and I am so very thankful to all of you for your generosity which has helped so much to keep me going by donating to our GoFundMe. 

There is so much that insurance doesn’t cover and so much where the co-pays are quite high which I am experiencing right now for my acupuncture and chiro treatments.

2015-11-06 13.50.01

I do find the acupuncture combined with the chiropractic adjustments to be very helpful as I am having great difficulty walking without bending over because the last surgery has me pulled so tightly in the abdominal areal and it is good to be doing something very proactive and healing while we wait to find or be accepted at the right Immunotherapy treatment facility (which seems to be off shore) that I can qualify for, whilst I am in remission. Of course we need to raise the funds to do this as insurance doesn’t cover any of it and besides the cost for the treatment itself there are the multiple trips back and forth to complete the cycle of treatment. This is so important to do as soon as possible as the success will depend on my getting there and making those multiple trips to get the vaccine treatments which will be made from my own blood dendritic cells and my own stored live tumor tissue, again whilst I am in remission.

I do my BEMER sessions every morning and evening on this fabulous full body BEMER mat and also do the sleep system where we have two more pads in place for the his and her system and this is amazing because all we have to do is push the start button and relax for 8 minutes. The BEMER enhances my general blood flow and my bodies nutrient and oxygen supply as well as my waste disposal system. BEMER also enhances my cardiac function, physical fitness level, endurance, strength and energy, concentration, mental acuity and helps me with stress reduction and relaxation. At night it is amazing for sleep management. I am also offering here at our home in Westlake Village 5 or 10 BEMER sessions so that folks nearby can try it before they buy it. We also will have as of the first of December a studio up and running for BEMER sessions near Malibu CA. BEMER is for the whole family and our companion animals too, even premature babies!

Here a beautiful ‘premie’ on the BEMER pad in the NICU.


Here is how we have our Bemer Pro set up at our home in a sacred space type setting. Attachments are seen on the Bemer Pro full body mat. Add music and aromatherapy and we are all set for our daily 8 minute Bemer sessions

Here is our BEMER at our home where we will do private sessions for those we pre-qualify.

Both Nazim and I I feel you have all helped to save my life and I intend to be of value back to you and this planet by sharing all the alternative treatments that have been so beneficial to help me get through the very aggressive standard of care which as you all know included multiple surgeries, drugs and chemotherapy.

Here I am at the infusion center for one of my 6 rounds of chemotherapy

Here I am at the infusion center for one of my 6 rounds of chemotherapy

Nazim and I want to wish you all the happiest of Thanksgivings and I sure hope to have dinner this year rather than IV’s (LOL)!

2015-10-16 06.54.53

Cheers to you all dear friends we love you dearly and may the blessings of this glorious season be heaped upon you and your families!

Most gratefully,

Celeste and Nazim

2015-10-23 13.30.43

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