The Tip of the Iceberg = 45,000 diagnosable diseases!


Yes, it’s true..there are some 45,000 diagnosable diseases today and can you imagine how long they have been brewing beneath the surface in our bodies before we get that diagnosis? The truth is for many, many years.

I have heard it said by several doctors that if we were to be surgically sliced open right this minute, the surgeons would find 5 tumors in each of us! That is astounding and we don’t even know they are there, sometimes until it is too late.

What is driving all this dis-ease? 

One thing is obesity, which is spreading through the nation like a tumor infiltrates the body. We see this happening when we look at maps that show in color where the hot spots for obesity were and are now located. The blue ones mean there was little to no hot spots back in1985, they show up on the maps as light blue and dark blue. Then you see what the hot spots looked like in 2009. Now in 2015 most of the states across the country are blazing red, indicating a high percentage of the population of those states is obese, so you can imagine this color spectrum across the country and the world today. Because of this we can see that worldwide by the time 2025 rolls around more than 65% of the population will die of vascular reasons because cardio vascular disease relates directly to obesity.


I know my cancer was ‘brewing’ years before the ‘tip of the iceberg’ appeared as a symptom, which in my case was abdominal bloating, that I took for ‘belly fat.’ And thanks to all the advertisements and blogs on that topic to do a juice fast or a cleanse, I did that and ignored this all important symptom, never dreaming this symptom reflected something very scary. After all I had led a holistic lifestyle all my life!

When my abdominal bloating wouldn’t go away, nor the extra 10 pounds I was carrying which turned out to be all in my peritoneum, I wrote to my friend who is a medical expert with  a company I work closely with and he told me to go immediately to my GYN, because abdominal bloating could be something very serious. And so I took his advice and went to see my GYN and that is when it was discovered that I had stage 3 cancer which was first thought to be Primary Peritoneal and then later corrected to be ovarian cancer as that is where the first tumors started. The symptomology is almost identical.

The night before my surgery the surgeon/oncologist came into my room and asked my husband and I if we could come up with $6,000 (approximately the cost of the professional medical device that I use every day, for an advanced personalized medical ‘immunotherapy’ program, off shore, that would use my stored tumor tissue (the $6,000 was the cost to store it) in which to make a series of vaccines for me which are mixed with my own blood; my heart stopped as I couldn’t imagine coming up with $6,000 but, I didn’t go to the ‘can’t’ place, I released the urge to do that and then my daughter said, “just say yes, Mom and we will figure out a way to cover it”. Yet today when we mention the price of our PEMF device(s), people always say they ‘can’t afford it’ before even learning about its benefits and you know what that does? The minute you say you ‘I CAN’T the universe insures that you ‘can’t,  because the higher power thinks that is what you want…but, when we say we ‘can’, even though we have no idea at the moment how we will  afford it..the universe goes to work…the old biblical adage comes to mind.. “ask and ye shall be given.”

The new age guru’s call this manifesting or law of attraction but it is elegantly simple. Just say “yes..I want this thing and somehow I am going to get it!” We all need to know what we want in order to pull it in and to get it and so when you/we win the lottery (whatever that lottery turns about to interest free credit card or a friend or lucky break. 

No matter what we think we want in this life, our health has to come first! It’s like on a plane when the oxygen mask drops down and they tell you to put your mask on first so you can help others. We all have to take care and control of our health because our doctors are only responsible for about 10% of our healing..the rest is up to us! And we have to learn how to do it. Don’t expect the doctor to know everything! Sometimes we have to share what we learn with them. And I can’t think of anything more important than my device because, and here comes the most important thing to know it enhances our general blood flow and doesn’t that make everything else work better? How can anything work for us if our circulation is not optimal to get it all to the cells where it is needed most which are usually in big trouble due to impaired microcirulation?

Can you just imagine that there is now available a class one FDA registered medical device that will be the first holistic type device to get full FDA approval..that is non drug ..low to no risk..with only side benefits? Just listen to the drug commercials and see the side effects that are everything from nausea to death when they promote those drugs on TV. We are a society that has gone along with “a pill for every ill.”  Did you know that they expect you after you watch that TV commercial to go to your doctor and ask by name for that drug. Why not ask for BEMER device by name? The more of us that do that then the sooner they will take the time to learn about it and that is why I am share it and my story!

The device I use I believe because I have seen the evidence can enhance the body’s nutrient and oxygen supply and waste removal….and boy… did I need that to help my body help heal itself and to flush out the chemo drugs and all the other drugs, I was given this past year! So here is the device that enhances cardiac function, when cardio vascular disease is now the number one cause of death, cancer is number two and iatrogenic causes is the number three. What is iatrogenic? It is improperly prescribed drugs and medical treatments…that is the number 3 cause of death…isn’t it high time to be proactive with your own health before we just say yes to everything they want to inject into us?

And then for the physical fitness buffs out there, can you just imagine having your physical fitness level enhanced along with  endurance, strength and energy? This is why the Swiss and Finnish Olympic teams use the same device that I use, as well as the German Soccer team and pro athletes like Roger Federer, to name but a few.

How about enhancing your concentration, mental acuity, stress reduction and relaxation? And one of the most important things that this device enhances is sleep management. If you are not sleeping you are dying..this is the time, when our bodies need to repair and regenerate and get rid of acidic waste and toxins.

Let’s be proactive with our prevention protocols and take action sooner than later! It’s for your whole family and will never become obsolete as it has a USP port built into it that this company will share scientific updates if need be, if the technology actually ever needs an update in the future.  I am not trying to sell you or anyone anything…I am just sharing some life changing information that I know helped me and I am merely helping people to understand this new technology from Europe. It took me a lot of time to ‘get it’ but now I ‘have it’ and soon you will too if you invest a little time in the learning curve. Just contact me personally and I will share some great information and more details

I certainly feel the benefits of using it every single day and I know how it helped me get through this last year of aggressive standard of care cancer treatments including chemo. Did this device really help me? I wouldn’t take a chance on going back and going through it all without it!

I cannot and will not make any medical claims, I just have my own story and belief in what I have done! However this device is the most tested device of its kind over the past 17 years! I know there are more than one million satisfied users all the world over.

Our PEMF device is the best investment in our personal health that Nazim and I have ever made and I am living proof of that fact! I plan to shout about it from the rooftops during this special time of remission that I have been granted!



“Future medicine will the medicine of frequencies.” ~ Albert Einstein

The future is here now!

But what is it?  There is so much we cannot say in the USA, so click this link from our  friends website in South Africa, where  you can learn lots more about the device we use everyday and market here in the states.

It is truly for everyone in the family including our companion animals!



All you need is an 8 minute session [reclining] on the B.BODY (full body mat) to dramatically enhance the circulation in your body.”

bemer coco

By the way our kitties ‘beam’ with us every day and they love it!

Your canine companions will love it too!

Please visit and feel free to reach out to me for any and all information you might require to investigate this amazing device!

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