Apricot Seeds!

I use these Apricot products regularly and like this site very much for many good options. Please use this link for ordering and thank you in advance for doing so! http://www.apricotpower.com#oid=180_1



Here’s some very interesting information regarding Apricot seeds that was shared by the folks at the Truth about Cancer:

http://www.apricotpower.com#oid=180_1 http://www.apricotpower.com#oid=180_1

“Dr. Ernest Krebs was a biochemist in the early 1950s whose desire to understand what makes cancer cells work led him to discover a possible key to overcoming the disease. Working on a hunch that cancer is ultimately a metabolic reaction to a poor diet, Krebs began studying the lifestyle habits of the Hunzas whose remote country is hidden near Northern Pakistan.


The Hunzas and Apricot Kernels

Major Sir Robert McCarrison wrote about the Hunzas back in the 1930s when he had a post with the Indian Medical Service. According to McCarrison, the Hunzas enjoyed near-perfect physical and mental health and some of them lived to be over 135 years old. There seemed to be no evidence of diabetes, obesity, or heart attacks among them. There was also no evidence…

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