Beginning my cancer immunotherapy treatment protocol!

Leaving for the Grand Cayman Islands to begin my cancer immunotherapy protocol! Read all about it and please help if you can. We so appreciate it.

2015-10-16 06.54.48


As many of you know I have devoted my life to helping both people and pets holistically and now I really need help.

I battled for my life this entire year with stage 3 ovarian cancer, multiple surgeries, 6 rounds of chemo and a lot of holistic therapies that I share here and on my Facebook pages..

And now it is ‘crunch time’ for my husband and I to raise the last approximately $20,000 for me to get to the Grand Cayman’s to begin my immunotherapy.

The immunotherapy protocol for me consists primarily of a series of 4 vaccines initially, which are made exclusively from my own stored tumor tissues, which were stored at the time of my first surgery,  at StoreMyTumor and are available now for me to do this amazing protocol. We have just the right amount of stored tumor tissue for this purpose, thanks to how…

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