Ascension Rising

Ascension rising painting
It’s been so difficult to ask so often for help from others. I am so blessed to have all of you and my beloved family and friends who have been so generous and provided so much support to my GoFundMe lifeline. You are all an ongoing prayer group and Nazim and I send you our love and gratitude every day.
Today my horoscope which comes in daily was so right on and I excerpt it for you below so that if you ever find yourself in the same situation, this may be helpful to you too, however I do hope everyone feels I do give in return by sharing information that may be lifesaving to someone at some time in their life if they are ever faced with anything similar to what I have been going through:
“Accepting love from the people in our lives makes us more able to receive and not feel the need to give in return.
For many of us the act of receiving is uncomfortable. We tend to feel beholden to someone and might feel as if we need to return the favor. While letting ourselves accept this can be more difficult, once we realize that by receiving we are allowing someone else to give and that this symbiotic interaction is at the crux of our relationships, we begin to understand that the act of giving and receiving cannot be separated.
Being able to let go and receive support, encouragement, and love from your loved ones will add a new dimension of trust and love to your relationships”.
I thought this was profound as Nazim and I at long last get ready to go to the Grand Cayman’s on 12-10-15 and begin the process to get the first of my cancer immunotherapy vaccines, which promises to give me a chance to not have this horrible ovarian cancer recur, because my immune system will be primed to recognize my cancer should it try to come back.
I will share the whole adventure in hopes we can help others and just know you are all deeply loved and appreciated. I am dedicating my life to helping others, through my writing, speaking etc., in hopes to help others prevent and treat this deadly disease.
All our love from,
Celeste and Nazim
The painting above is by Nazim Artist and is entitled “Ascension Rising.”

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