Miss Rheingold and the Mets

This is a great read and a wonderful memory for me. I had no idea I sounded like that when I was 19 years old as it has been so many years now.

Brew and Orange

Rheingold Beer was the official beer of the New York Mets from 1962 to 1973. The partnership was iconic for both brands, as visibility was high everywhere from the Polo Grounds to the airwaves.

Rheingold had previously struck gold with its main media campaign, the Miss Rheingold pageant, which ran from 1940 to 1964. Each year, a new field of hopefuls would take New York City by storm. After the votes were tallied, a new Miss Rheingold would be crowned and featured in television commercials and print media.

The intersection of these campaigns was brief, but provided an interesting look into two marketing worlds colliding at very different times in their impact on the social consciousness.

1962 – Kathy Kersch

Mets fans were eager to watch New York great, Casey Stengel, take the helm of their brand new team. As the face of the franchise, it was an obvious choice…

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