Update on my Adjunct Therapy for Cancer


2015-12-14 19.15.09

All my doctors both here and in the Grand Cayman Islands have given me green lights and blue skies to travel next week to get my second personalized immunotherapy vaccine.

I must share with you that it is a miracle that I have healed from the ordeal so quickly because what it turned out to be is/was a second degree burn on in and all around my incision line on my abdomen.

During acupuncture I did something called Moxibustion which is where my acupuncturist who is really wonderful would prepare a little hot pot for me while I had my needles in my ears, with an herb called Moxa in it. By hot I mean scalding hot and I placed it up and down my incision on 5 acupuncture points which are on my belly.

2015-11-06 13.49.35

The doctor warned me to be very careful but what he didn’t know was the…

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