My Immunotherapy in Grand Cayman!


We are just back from the amazing weekend in Grand Cayman where I received my second personalized vaccine at PerseusPCI. (

2015-12-14 19.15.09

We took as we always do our BEMER device ( as this device is so much apart of my therapy, as it enhances my blood flow. And as you know enhanced blood flow helps deliver all the good things we do right into our cells where we need it most, such as nutrition, supplements, our own oxygen, medical products, etc. I use the BEMER device B-Pad on the plane too!CyBEMER plane

We had some rain and the tides were very high but we were safe and warm and got to see a bit more of the Island this trip thanks to some new friends who took us to an amazing lunch on the water and showed us around the island. Otherwise you know how it is, you just end up at the clinic and the hotel and don’t see much of anything, so this was a wonderful treat for both Nazim and me. There is something very healing about Grand Cayman too.

2016-01-24 17.24.22.jpg

I have permission to push the 3rd vaccine in my series to mid March which will help us a bit and give us a little more time to raise the funding for this next trip and the next installment on the payment for the treatment which is a big one…the travel cost and treatment cost for the next injection will be over $10,000. I so wish this treatment was approved now and that insurance would cover it but we have to understand that I am part of an FDA trial and my success and the success of other women in trial is paving the way for this to happen.

You know I wish for a miracle in the funding everyday..I even wrote to both Mark Zuckerberg and his wife today however, who knows if he would ever see it or care but I took the chance to reach out with a Facebook message to them because I truly believe that if I receive help to continue this treatment I can help others too. You can help too by sharing this lifeline fund to your network as well. The information alone that I share about the amazing PerseusPCI personalized cancer vaccines and the fact that there is still room for a few other women in remission from stage 3 or 4 ovarian cancer in this FDA trial is helpful too. There is criteria that must be met as usual but it is a great opportunity to be part of the future of cancer care instead of the present which consists of chemo, radiation and drugs. It is so time for a change in the medical paradigm and we are on the forefront of something amazing where our own biological materials are used to help our own immune system to heal us. These amazing vaccines make it possible for our immune system to go after cancer which disguises itself as “self” and virtually unmasks it.

So again I thank all of you who have donated and sent blessings for getting me this far from the bottom of my heart and ask you to help me share my gofundme page in hopes others can help, as well so I may complete the series of vaccines..I need two more plus a booster at 3 months and then another booster at 6 months.,,.your prayers and blessings are much appreciated as well.

All my love,


5 thoughts on “My Immunotherapy in Grand Cayman!

  1. Hi Celeste, I just came across an article in the Care 2 newsletter and looked you up to find you’re in a health challenge. I know nothing of these injections you’re taking – so cannot offer any opinion, but I can offer information on the Budwig Diet. Once I found out about the Budwig Diet – I gave it to my dog with two turmors on her head. These were the type of tumors that if surgically tampered with would have spread fast and killed quickly like it did to a previous dog I had. Since I didn’t want a repeat of the horror of watching my previous dog get eaten by the cancer following the surgery to remove it – I vowed nobody would touch the tumors on my last dog. Then I found out about the Budwig Diet I melted both tumors away in 7 DAYS by feeding her a little Budwig Diet for breakfast for 7 days – yes – 7 DAYS. It’s worth your attention to check it out. It’s a simple combination of organic cottage cheese and organic flax oil mashed together well. The recipe is: 1 cup cottage cheese and 1 tablespoon of flax oil (per 50 lbs of body mass – i.e. 100 lb person adds 2 tablespoons, 150 lb person adds 3 tablespoons) and mash together well – and eat immediately. The Budwig Diet oxygenates your cells – powering them up to do their daily housekeeping to keep the cell healthy. It’s worth researching! All my best in your healing journey . . .

      • My dog has long since passed at the age of 14 . . . I miss her so much. I will keep your book in mind when I’m able to afford the time and expense of another precious furry four-footed child. I’ve had to curb spending due to the state of our economy and put my attention to finding healing techniques that don’t cost extraordinary funding. It’s been a passion of mine since ’91 when my mother was literally brutalized to death with the second round of “treatments” from Kaiser for what started out as breast cancer. I noted your extraordinary funding for this treatment your pursuing and thought I’d reach out as a human sister and offer inexpensive alternatives. In that intention, I also offer information on an element (Sodium Chlorite / Master Mineral Solution (MMS)) that is eliminating malaria in a day or two for pennies. It also heals people of every pathogenic infestation (except for a couple aerobic-based fungi) which accounts for over 90% of man’s ills, i.e. cancers, mrsa, ms, parkinson’s, lupus, lyme’s, herpes, hepatitis, bronchitis, colds/flu, pneumonia, arthritis, etc.. See it for yourself in the documentary released a few months ago called “Quantum Leap” ( where you’ll see a man laid out in bed wasted from prostate cancer with the look of a “death throe” on his face. After being treated with MMS for two weeks, they show him still very weak – but sitting up on a chair – then six months later they show him standing with his full body weight restored and a big happy smile on his face. The results are truly remarkable. I have used MMS to ward off viral and staph infections in my family for years – works like a charm! No more 3 weeks in bed from bronchitis for me! For whatever reason, I felt directed to contact you, and when I get these directives, I am compelled to reach out. Do know, this element is under attack by Big Pharma/FDA. This single element heals so many chronic illnesses that it threatens the pharmaceutical industry’s profits. Currently, Sodium Chlorite is used to spray meats and produce prior to packaging and also used in our water supply – which clearly shows it is non-toxic to humans and animals – and with no side effects. It was also used in high concentrations to eradicate the anthrax sent to government offices many years ago. Had I known about the Budwig Diet and MMS back in the ’80’s when my mother was first diagnosed, her chances of survival would’ve been far greater and she wouldn’t have suffered the painful, barbaric treatments that led to her demise. I hope you’ll watch Quantum Leap and I invite any comments you may have. All my best to your restoration.

  2. Yes, my treatments are expensive at this time through no fault of Perseus, they are just a 3 person team so costs for their overhead are kept to a minimum, it is the cost of the lab and all the science and safety that goes into these injections and then the cost of the travel for my husband and i to get to Grand Cayman to do them. You must remember that cancer is very good at hiding from the immune system and this treatment is one of the ways being researched today to unmask it and target it. i wish you the best of luck sharing your work however this is the path i am following along with the BEMER device, good nutrition and supplementation. i will review what you have shared, however and appreciate you sharing it.

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