Lovely Ladies of Trek: Cross-Stitch Edition…

Special thanks to Therese Bohn for including me in this bevy of beauties and taking such time and care to produce such beautiful cross stitch images. They are all gorgeous!


Okay, I’ m having WAY too much fun with this Facebook game (Cross-Stitch World)!   Here’s my exclusive takes on Deela, Droxine, Nona, two Alices, and of course, Yeoman Landon (Hi Celeste!)    Okay, not going to do anymore of these until next month!  Whaddya think?  Who would you like to see next?

AlicesYeoman Martha LandonNonaDroxineDeela

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PEMF = The Art of Wellness

PEMF = The Art of Wellness   My husband Nazim Artist and I love our BEMER Pro device and it is incorporated into The Art of Wellness Collection paradigm as our number one way to help our bodies to heal themselves. And it just makes everything … Continue reading