I’m on the Ancient Alien Panel at Conscious Life Expo!

I’m on the Ancient Alien Panel at Conscious Life Expo! Please use my special link to purchase your tickets for the event or for the live streaming as they will send me a little commission which will help so much towards my immunotherapy cancer treatments I am receiving off shore monthly. https://ey283.isrefer.com/go/2016CLE/tangokitties/

Ancient Alien Goddesses

I am appearing at Conscious Life Expo LAX Hilton, Saturday, February 20, 2016 9am to 11 am! See https://ey283.isrefer.com/go/2016CLE/tangokitties/
I am very excited to share that once again this year I will be appearing on the ‘Ancient Alien Panel’ at the “Conscious Life Expo” at the LAX Hilton with several of the stars of the popular Ancient Alien TV program on History Channel.
You may recall last year I appeared just a couple of months after my diagnosis and then emergency 8 hour cancer surgery . Here is the YouTube video of our panel for 2015: https://youtu.be/TlJNOIrASkg
2015-02-06 22.19.34
I made this appearance while I was in the midst of chemo therapy and I landed back in the hospital, neutropenic (my immune system was wiped out from chemo) right after the conference ended. I was really sick with bronchitis and had no white count to speak of to fight it off. Most…

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