My latest treatment at Perseus, Grand Cayman

Nazim and I had a wonderful trip to and from Grand Cayman Island where I was administered vaccine number 3 by Dr. Sook Yin at PerseusPCI in my series of personalized medicine/ immunotherapy treatments. (Here we are with the whole team)

Perseus Team

We arrived late Thursday night and then Friday morning I had my injections and then doctors orders were for me to go and relax and heal at the beautiful Cayman 7 mile beach.

The experience there is healing on a body, mind and spirit level. The contrast to my 6/ 10 hour chemo rounds is astounding. I so hope that what you all are helping me to do at Perseus will help others to ‘boldly go’ as we said on Star Trek and Live Long and Prosper.

2016-03-19 18.32.31.jpg

I am part of an amazing FDA open trial for 15 women now in remission from stage 3 or 4 ovarian…

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