The Return of the Divine Feminine

Meet my guest blogger Marianne Widmalm!

Ancient Alien Goddesses


We are honored to have as our guest blogger, Marianne Widmalm who is a native of Sweden, living in Ann Arbor, Michigan. She is the author of “God is not Alone: Our Mother – the Holy Spirit” published 2015 by Avalonia: and available at Amazon US & UK.


Marianne Widmalm, (photo above) has a B.A. in International Politics & Religion and an M.A. in Near Eastern Studies with a concentration in the Hebrew Bible and Ancient Israel, both from the University of Michigan. The thesis that served as the foundation for her book was published in an article called “God’s Wife” in the Academic Journal “the Biblical Historian” February 2005 under the guidance of the late Professor Noel Freedman.

Ancient Alien Goddesses is pleased to present:

The Return of the Divine Feminine

~ by Marianne Widmalm

“While attending the University of Michigan for my Master’s I was doing research for a…

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