The Importance of Omega 3 in Cancer Care to Reduce Inflammation

How inflammation can lead to cancer


Ohio State University Medical Center and Science Daily offered up a few years back this study:

“A new study shows how inflammation can help cause cancer. The study found that inflammation stimulates a rise in levels of a molecule called microRNA-155 (miR-155). This increase, in turn, causes a drop in levels of proteins involved in DNA repair, resulting in a higher rate of spontaneous gene mutations, which can contribute to cancer development. The findings suggest that drugs designed to reduce miR-155 levels might improve the treatment of inflammation-related cancers.”

Also stated: “It is believed that cancer is caused by an accumulation of mutations in cells of the body,” says principal investigator Dr. Carlo M. Croce, professor and chair of molecular virology, immunology and medical genetics, and director of the Human Cancer Genetics program the OSUCCC — James. “Our study suggests that miR-155, which is associated with inflammation, increases the mutation rate and might be a key player in inflammation-induced cancers generally. This could make it an important therapeutic target.”

As a cancer survivor myself, now in remission from stage 3 high grade ovarian cancer, a day does not go by that I do not take my Omega 3s because inflammation is no joke. It is a very serious condition that we all need to be proactive about.

Doesn’t it stand to reason that taking anti-inflammatory organic supplements might be a very good thing for us all to do?


For me the answer is yes and it is one of the major reasons that I searched for over 20 years in my career as a nutritionist, author, speaker and Ph.D in nutrition for a supplement that could trust enough to take myself, share with my family on both two legs and 4.


My writing partner Jean Hofve, DVM and I share our findings about a particular supplement called MOXXOR that we both take and have for many years in our both of our books for animals, PALEO DOG and The Complete Guide to Holistic Cat Care.  We were both delighted to find something we and our animals could take every day..what a joy to not have to buy something for the companion animals and something else for ourselves that offered the same benefits and thus it was MOXXOR for us and has been ever since!


What is Moxxor?

Our wonderful MOXXOR is a unique array of all-natural omega-3’s and antioxidants exclusively from the pristine environment of New Zealand.


We are often told about the benefits of plant sourced omega-3 oils which include:

Linseed oil
Hemp seed oil
Sesame oil
Sunflower oil
Evening primrose oil
Soy bean oil

There are also marine omega-3 sources which include:
Cod liver oil
Fish oils such as salmon oil
Marine algae
Krill oil


Greenlip Mussel oil


The BIG news about the New Zealand green lipped mussels are they are the only source of omega-3s that contain all 18 known omega-3s.

Green lipped mussel oil is the source of the omega-3 oil found in MOXXOR. And it my I am below with my bottle of MOXXOR!




Since mid-2010 which is when I began taking MOXXOR twice daily, this product has had only three organic and cold extracted ingredients: green-lipped mussel oil, grape seed extract, and kiwifruit seed oil and all are from New Zealand which is an all organic island.

Once I learned of the purity and integrity of this product it has been my daily choice, for so many reasons such as there are no additives. No artificial preservatives. No fillers.

Studies have shown that New Zealand green lipped mussels have anti-inflammatory properties. Researchers, doctors, and nutritionists have all recognized the importance of omega-3 oils for overall well-being, heart health, brain function development, joint strength and health, and a healthy immune system. And that’s just a small part of the list of health benefits that occur from reducing inflammation.


Diets rich in omega-3 have been shown to help reduce pain.


There are many sources of omega-3 oils, but only New Zealand green lipped mussels such as the one listed above, you can learn more about each one of them at my blog here:  However you will learn with just a bit of research, as I share in my blog at the above link that none of these other sources have all 18 known omega-3 oils, including ETA (eichosatetranoic acid). ETA plays a vital role in modulating the inflammation cascade on a cellular level. And New Zealand green lipped mussels are the only measurable source of omega-3s that have this unique form.


The makers of MOXXOR have added to this potent omega-3 marine lipid, two powerful organic antioxidants: grape seed oil extracted from the Sauvignon Blanc grape seed, found only in the Marlborough Sounds region on the South Island of New Zealand, and kiwifruit seed oil, which contains the immune-system-enhancing complete form of vitamin E. To my knowledge only Kiwi and avocado oils have this full spectrum.


These antioxidants have been shown in research to combat free radicals, aging, and possibly help improve health of those dealing with cancer, like myself. MOXXOR has been constant in my life as my most important “must take” daily supplement in my holistic cancer protocol, which you can read about here at my blog:

Why take Moxxor?

I take it every day because my own personal research on the formula proved to me to be THE formula of natural omega-3 marine lipid oils and antioxidant grape seed and kiwifruit seed extracts that supports a healthy immune systems response to inflammation, and it does so without the gastrotoxic effects the way NSAIDs do which are also very constipating thus defeating and detox program. MOXXOR for me is also a great alternative to pain pills for those suffering from painful inflammatory conditions such as I do with severe arthritis in both hips..something we dancers and high impact aerobic enthusiasts along with weekend warriors get hit with as we join the ranks of the aging baby boomer population.
From the results of research, we see that it seems that these oils affect the body on a cellular level and therefore bring about positive changes in many areas of one’s health.


A simple google search will show that:

Omega-3 oils have been shown to be critical to joint, respiratory, and cardiovascular health, as well as helpful in normalizing cholesterol, HDL, and triglyceride levels.
On the other hand the pro-inflammatory oils which are the Omega-6 oils that we get so much of in our diets and other so called modern but harmful vegetable oils/fats in our diets affect cell membranes negatively, leaving them with elevated quantities of the precursors associated with inflammatory processes that may in all likelihood lead to asthma, depression, learning difficulties, arthritis, heart disease, and psoriasis.
The body uses the pro-inlammatory omega-6 oils to start inflammatory processes, a necessary function of our immune systems. However, Omega-3 oils are used to turn the inflammation off.

It’s like the yin/yang of essential fatty acids. With our modern diets today, the ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 is totally imbalanced (too many omega-6 oils and not enough omega-3 oils are big problem and one vegans and vegetarians really need to concern themselves with because they are not getting fish in their diets and thus no omega 3 marine lipids), so without a good source of omega-3s from marine lipids, the body has no way to turn inflammation off.

Research suggests that we should reduce omega-6s and increase
Green-lipped Mussel Oil Has an Amazingly High Anti-inflammatory Value. MOXXOR is what I take instead of reaching for NSAID because studies show that green lipped mussel oil has an anti-inflammatory value of 79.0. This refers to a scale that researchers use to rate and compare pharmaceuticals, as well as natural components, as to their anti-inflammatory properties.


Fish oil has a potency of 0.50 on the scale, and salmon oil has a potency of 0.32. The vegetable oils commonly used for their anti-inflammatory properties rank even lower: evening primrose oil is at 0.25 and flax seed oil at 0.20.

As you can see, green lipped mussel oil is far superior to these other natural sources of anti-inflammatory omega-3. MOXXOR is said to be actually 158 times more effective than fish oil and 247 times more effective than salmon oil.


These giant fish oils caps are filled with cheap filler oils and have just a little Omega-3 oil. They cost less because they are “less!”

This means that you would have to take 158 capsules of fish oil to equal one serving of Moxxor (which is two small capsules not the huge capsules we find with fish oils which are so big because they use filler oils to make it look like you are getting more than what you are actually getting).

There is no fishy smell nor do you get that common fish burp either after taking these tiny capsules, and they’re so small that even children have no trouble swallowing them.


Many people even chew these capsules. Did you know that fishy burp according to my research means that the product is rancid or perhaps there is an underlying gallbladder issue that should be checked out with this symptom.

Grape seed extract from Sauvignon Blanc grape seeds which is used in MOXXOR as its natural preservative and antioxidant has greater levels of antioxidant oligomeric procyanidin compounds (OPC) than any other fruit or berry. (This seems to be a result of the unique atmospheric conditions in the Marlborough Sounds region on the South Island of New Zealand, which is directly below a large hole in the ozone layer.) The grape seeds are also free from genetically modified material (GMOs), heavy metals, arsenic, toxins, and pesticides. That means there is no mercury, lead, PCBs, GMOs or other contaminants in MOXXOR. New Zealand is the last true organic country in the world!
To compare the relative strength of antioxidants, scientists use a standard known as oxygen radical absorption capacity (ORAC). After testing a particular substance, they assign it an ORAC value, which can then be used to compare one antioxidant with another.

Moxxor banner art ILC:jpg

Moxxor contains only 3 organic ingredients!

Sauvignon Blanc grape seed extract has an ORAC value of 12,000 units/gram, which is 3 times greater than acai berry, which has a value of 3,800 units/gram. Grape seed extract is 4 times more effective than mangosteen and 47 times more effective than goji berry, the three berries we read about most in nutrition news.

What MOXXOR doesn’t  contain is just as important as what it does contain!
MOXXOR contains NONE of these harmful ingredients!

no mercury
no fillers
no additives
no colors
no excipients
no chemical solvents
no preservatives

Due to the extremely effective extraction process used, there aren’t any animal protein molecules in MOXXOR, which is important to some of my Vegan clients who know they need this powerful source of Omega 3 in their bodies. Because of this, the company asserts that this great source of omega-3 can be used by even those allergic to shellfish.
Just to be safe, if you do decide to try this product, talk with your health care provider first if you have a history of fish or shellfish allergies. They will probably tell you not to take this oil, but you can read for yourself the FAQ from the company here.

Who Shouldn’t Take MOXXOR?

Since MOXXOR contains green lip mussel oil, vegans may prefer to not use it. Then again, if you’re a vegan you may decide that the benefits outweigh the arguments against eating anything that comes from animals. It’s a choice that is up to the individual. I am providing information here to help you make an informed decision.

If you are a vegan, you might want to consider making an exception on this one, because the benefits are many, and they are outstanding. There is a lot of research regarding the superior benefits of marine omega-3 oils, especially those found in MOOXOR. But of course the choice is up to you.

Who Might Benefit from Taking MOXXOR?
Anyone suffering from a disease that has an inflammatory component should consider using MOXXOR. Reducing inflammation, especially chronic inflammation, can have a tremendously powerful impact on overall health and well-being.

A little research will prove that it is clear that inflammation plays a large part in many of the diseases that afflict our modern world today. Inflammation is the precursor to dozens of serious diseases and conditions, just google inflammation and you will find that these diseases include, but are not limited to:

IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) and Crohn’s disease
Type-II diabetes
Type-I diabetes
Heart disease, atherosclerosis, and clogged arteries
Arthritis and joint pain
Alzheimer’s disease

It is necessary to clarify here that food and supplements do not cure diseases, only our amazing bodies can do that. We merely take and used the tools to help our bodies to heal themselves. Omega 3s support the body´s immune system in achieving health. Keep in mind that many of the diseases in the list above begin with inflammation, which eventually becomes chronic inflammation. Chronic inflammation can lead to more serious degenerative conditions.

Eliminating the inflammation in a natural, gentle way can often relieve symptoms and allow the body to heal itself and recover its health. This is, of course, a much better outcome than simply suppressing symptoms with pharmaceuticals, which bring their own problems.

Although none of these statements have been approved by the FDA, nor are these statements intended to diagnose, heal, cure, or treat any disease, it is worth noting that there is a lot of scientific research out there pointing in the direction of natural healing.

Mike Adams from Natural News Network mentions in his blog that the benefits of MOXXOR go beyond the anti-inflammatory effect and suggests that there are others who might benefit from using it, such as:

Children and teens with ADD or ADHD
Athletes and other active individuals
Elderly people currently experiencing inflammation
Adults wishing to enhance their omega-3 nutrition
Expectant mothers looking for a mercury-free source of omega-3’s
Individuals wishing to support their heart health
Anyone suffering from signs of omega-3 deficiency

What about allergies and/or adverse reactions?

Research from the last 30 years has shown that there are no known adverse effects of green-lipped mussel extract. (The only exception was people who were allergic to shellfish. At the time of these studies, the extraction process was not able to totally remove all proteins and carbohydrates. But with the special extraction process mentioned earlier that MOXXOR uses, this is no longer a problem.)



MOXXOR is available through

There’s a 60-day money-back guarantee policy that the company fully respects, so if you decide you don’t like the product, they will refund your money, no questions asked. All you have to do is return the empty bottles, and they will refund the money with a smile.
You can purchase MOXXOR as a retail customer, or you can opt for preferred customer Autoship, and receive up to a 20% discount on each purchase, that means you basically pay the same price that I pay as a distributor. I refuse to be without it..I think you will too!

Just visit to set started on your daily MOXXOR as a retail or preferred/auto ship customer where you save on  each bottle!

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