4th Immunotherapy Cancer Treatment at Perseus


CY BEach Bemer 7 mile

This is what my 4th immunotherapy weekend looks like on Grand Cayman Island!

We, depart LAX and arrive in Grand Cayman by connecting in Miami to our flight.

CyBEMER plane

We check into our economy hotel which has beach access and relax on the BEMER that evening to unwind for 8 minutes, do the BEMER sleep system, each night and then every morning again for our 8 minute wake up session. We, have a healthy breakfast and lunch there at the 7 Mile Beach.

2016-04-22 14.40.44

And then we do the afternoon BEMER session for 8 minutes at sunset.

The BEMER’s multidimensional wave signal to me is harmonizing perfectly with the gentle waves here at the 7 Mile Grand Cayman Beach.

Then we go to bed early having reduced stress from the long day of travel and now feel totally relaxed.

Then again as we do each and every night, we do the BEMER…

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