Immunotherapy Cancer Vaccines at PerseusPCI

Our trip to Grand Cayman and PerseusPCI for immunotherapy vaccine #4 went very well.
20160424_103915.jpg20160424_1046502016-04-24 10.40.43
Included are some of the photo’s from the appointment at PerseusPCI in Grand Cayman with Dr. Sook Yin  and her team, Roberta and Raymond.
2016-04-21 19.52.14
Nazim and I are now home after a long day of travel, from Grand Cayman to Miami where we went through customs and then changed planes there to our flight to Los Angeles.. we arrived last evening home sweet home in LA!
Thank you to all those who have helped make my personalized cancer immunotherapy treatments in Grand Cayman a reality.
2016-04-24 11.48.10
Now I will be monitored by Dr. Yin by my doing blood tests monthly and sending them to her to evaluate my need to come back for one of two more boosters which are being stored at Perseus. My cancer team of doctors here will also keep Dr. Yin updated on…

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