The Truth about Calcium


Sayer Ji founder of has for many years reflected on the growing osteoporosis epidemic, and whether or not calcium supplementation is a safe and effective preventive strategy, which is a widely proposed protocol by conventional health authorities.  However Sayer Ji’s research into the topic has lead to the following conclusions, some of which may strike readers as counterintuitive: 

UnknownPresent-day definitions of osteoporosis and osteopenia are wrong-headed, falsely equating natural aging processes with disease. Read More

  • Inorganic calcium supplements can greatly contribute to cardiovascular disease and increased cardiac mortality. Read More
  • Calcium supplements can contribute to brain degeneration. Read More
  • Calcium supplements can can actually make your bone weaker. Read More

With the National Osteoporosis Foundation recommending at least 1,000 mg a day of calcium (from supplements and food) for women 50 years or younger, as a primary preventive strategy, it behooves us all to use caution here and to consider other…

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