Celeste & Nazim’s new Wearable Art Collection!

My husband Nazim and I are so pleased to share with you that this week we launched what is truly a dream come true, especially for me as I have always envisioned Nazim’s painting as Wearable Art and now with having nearly 100 pieces in the line all starting with his paintings which are placed and utilized in unique ways on Scarves, Tops and Kimono style Sheer Wraps. Please visit our new collection here.

One of my favorite new designs was created because I love Nazim’s painting entitled Monarch Cloudburst but also I love the colors in it, which just happen to be the colors of another favorite enterprise of ours that use a beautiful shade of orange and grey in the company art work and logo.



Monarch Cloud Burst T 4 VidaMonarch Cloudburst by Nazim Artist (c)

So we started with this image and created our limited edition on scarves, tops and sheer wraps, such as:

This painting from the same collection entitled Ulysses Cloudburst was the basis for the Ulysses Wearable Art designs.

Uylsses Cloud Burst T 4 VidaUlysses Cloudburst by Nazim Artist (c)

Above is the Black Tiger Swallowtail artwork and the wearable art collection

Above is the Pine White artwork and the wearable art collection.

I think the Kimono Style Sheer Wraps would be very innovate for Weddings with the Bride in the Pine White Collection and bridesmaids in the colorful butterfly designs..more will be coming soon!

You can see the full line here but do keep in mind that these are all limited edition which are custom made and take a 4 to 6 window for delivery. We are limited by how many designed we can keep available so we will change them often. If you see something you like and wish to order it is better to do so now rather than waiting as we may need to replace thing with our newest designs.

Visit http://www.shopvida.com/collections/voices/nazim-artist now to think about holiday gifts because of the time it takes to produce one at a time custom works of Wearable Art by Nazim Artist (c) Nazim and I are so delighted to be partnered with VIDA because they help the makers of these lovely custom designs by sharing the Literacy project they sponsor to help with training in reading, writing and maths skills.

To help support our efforts for Nazim Artist’s work, please consider becoming a Patron of Nazim’s here.

Nazim and I send you our love and blessing!

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