Celeste Yarnall Wearable Art

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Embarking on my 72nd year July 26, 2016, or 72nd trip around the sun on a big blue ball, my husband Nazim Artist and I are honored to share with you how delighted we are to be part of an amazing company (VIDA) that we have partnered with, as designers to launch our Wearable Art lines.
Further on in the blog you will read about this Google start up which was launched by the dream and vision of an amazing woman, who’s name is Umaimah Mender (pictured below)
Uamiamah has created a truly a global effort with this platform that has given us an opportunity to translate Nazim’s paintings and our photographs to scarves, tops, tee’s and sheer wraps.
Let’s all remember that after all the whole of Mother Earth is our home. Oneness and the rise of the sacred feminine is imperative for peace to prevail as we share in our award winning documentary film, Femme Women Healing the World.
The purchase of our items provides literacy programs to our makers.
They learn to read, write, and do basic math and build a better life for generations to come.
The photo of the little boy (below) was taken by one of the makers of our garments and he is seen carrying his school supplies to attend school which is provided to him by our partners literacy program. This program provides the makers and their children with reading, writing and math skills!
THE MANUFACTURE OF OUR SCARVES, TOPS, TEE’S AND SHEER WRAPS IS DONE ON DEMAND AND BRINGS TO THE WORLD ONLY THAT WHICH PEOPLE WANT ..THERE IS NO WASTE THIS WAY…EVERY PIECE IS A CUSTOM ORDER and is meticulously made by craftspeople in many different countries but also here in the USA! You can watch the story of this company here.
By the way the amazing founder of our platform, Umaimah Mender is an immigrant to this country!
Here is a little bit about Umaimah.
“Umaimah Mender (oo-my-ma mend-ro) is one of the few entrepreneurs who can say she won funding on her first pitch. It sounds like a lucky break, but she’s been piecing together an ambitious plan since childhood.
Mendhro’s earliest memory is wanting to build and lead a large, multi-national company. Harvard also figured prominently in her childhood aspirations, even in the face of geographic disadvantages.
“ ‘Coming from part of the world, and specifically part of Pakistan, where I didn’t have schools around, I grew up with the idea of building my own path… Because of that, education became something I was truly passionate about,” she explains.’ “
Mendhro eventually made it to Harvard, earning an MBA in 2009. Five years later, connections she met there, and during a career stop at Microsoft MSFT -0.76%, helped her win that first funding pitch. Those contacts, who had become general partners at Google GOOGL +0.59% Ventures (now GV), agreed to lead a $1.3 million seed round to fund VIDA, Mender’s apparel startup.”
Please visit Nazim’s and my Wearable Art Design studio’s at
http://shopvida.com/collections/voices/nazim-artist where you will find many beautiful items translated from Nazim Artist’s paintings.
We have two studio’s launched as you see above to bring you lots of exciting choices translated to  Sheer Wrap’s, Sleeveless Top’s and Tee’s and  several choices of scarves.  This collection is called Yeoman Martha and is obviously a ‘hat tip ‘to my Star Trek character Yeoman Martha Landon in TOS episode entitled The Apple.
And also pictures above is a translation the character I played in the Velvet Vampire.
Also in my line we have included translations from some of our photographs such as to Grand Cayman Island where I go for my cancer immunotherapy treatments and these below are entitled Grand Cayman Azalea’s.

Pictured above is Grand Cayman Labyrinth

We hope you like our Wearable Art lines and will consider viewing both collections on line and shopping with us soon!

Keep in mind that our designs are all custom made and will take 4 to 6 weeks for delivery so holiday shopping right now is not too soon.

Our black and white knit tops (examples below) take 5 to 7 days from manufacture for delivery as they are made in the USA. Both Nazim’s and my lines feature these tops.


Your purchase also helps me personally to continue my Immunotherapy Cancer Treatments at PerseusPCI in Grand Cayman.  You can learn about and support my personal journey with stage 3 Ovarian/peritoneal cancer here.

Many thanks from both Nazim and me!

2016-06-29 16.06.45Visit it my Facebook page for Celeste Yarnall Wearable Art and I hope you will ‘like’ it!

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