Celeste Yarnall Wearable Art, Scarves, Tops, Tee’s, Tote’s and Kimono Style Sheer Wraps!

I am so excited to share the very first piece to arrive from our Wearable Art Collection which I wore out to lunch yesterday to show it off publicly and I did indeed get lots of wonderful complements.  It’s called Ulysses Blue Long Scarf!

Our two lines Celeste Yarnall Wearable Art and Nazim Artist Wearable Art  (Ulysses Blue is on Nazim’s site) are a dream come true for me because from the moment my husband Nazim Artist and I met, I dreamed of translating his beautiful paintings to scarves! Be careful what you wish for as they say as a wish is a powerful manifesting tool for us all and here are not only one but two lines realizing that dream, that we have now launched on the VIDA platform.

Nazim is already a Gold Level designer and I am working my way up to Steel and each level has perks that come with those levels (including wonderful gift coupon codes for all those that make purchases that help us meet our goals and needless to say, we are so excited and honored to be a part of VIDA Voices!

Here is a new collection which I have added to my Celeste Yarnall Wearable Art on line boutique which is called, Mermaid Medicine Wheel from a painting by Nazim Artist however this particular line of items can be viewed and purchased at my website. It is a very special homage to my many trips to PerseusPCI in Grand Cayman where I go for my amazing cancer immunotherapy treatments. This revolutionary protocol is what Joe Biden’s Moonshot is all about..immunotherapy..the new frontier in cancer treatment.  So please check it out so you know advance what this protocol is and can share this blog with others to explore it.

If you look closely at the original painting you will see my alter ego wearing a turquoise bracelet (the color for ovarian cancer) with the name Perseus on it. The setting for the painting is the magnificent 7 mile Beach on Grand Cayman at Sunset. The Baby Unicorn with the love heart shows the aspirational nature of the many cancers patients that pass through the doors of PerseusPCI and the hope that they offer cancer patients, including me from all over the world.

The Mermaid Yoga pose, the OM bracelet on the male figure all encircled in a vesicle pisces  next to the pearls and the pearl in the oyster shell can help us understand that the oyster makes a pearl out of  an irritation lead to a beautiful image and one I hope you will proudly wear as I will. Nazim’s and my hope is that we can all come together in loving oneness and help to heal the world.



Please browse at both my husbands and my websites because the designer items take 4 to 6 weeks for delivery except the Tote Bags which take 2 weeks as they are made in California and the black knit tops (seen on our website) take 2 weeks as well because they are made in Florida but it might be nice to take advantage of the amazing sale that is on right now through August 28th so you can plan for holiday gift giving but I assure you I am over the moon with the quality of these items and buttery soft feel of the 100% Modal Long scarf. I didn’t even have to snip a loose thread when my scarf arrived and also you can ask for a gift box and when you sign up to connect with VIDA you can get 10% off your first order. Use the code provided at check out..they also conveniently take PayPal.

Loads of love and thank you for supporting us and don’t forget in supporting us with your purchase at our Wearable Art Webshops you are aldo helping the makers of these pieces to be provided education from the Vida literacy program which teaches reading, writing and basic math skills to the workers and their children.  Our profits help me to continue my therapy at Perseus in Grand Cayman.




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