Are You a Horse Person?


Quantum Leap- Colt by Nazim Artist (c)



If you are a Horse Person…. I am so excited to share this with you!

Many of you know that one of the things I am proudest of is my work as an Independent Distributor of an FDA Registered Medical device from German engineering…the exciting thing is that they have just begun to start taking orders for our newly launched Veterinarian HORSE DEVICE (also for other large animals such as cows, etc.) and this is not just for veterinarians but also for any horse lover, trainer or owner! And it is affordably priced!

If you want the cutting edge ..this is for you!

There is a prominent HORSE WHISPERER endorsing this device by the name of Linda Tellington-Jones who is famous for creating a touch for health technique for people and animals called TTOUCH!


People can use this new horse device, too! It is very versatile. The multi-dimensional wave signal is woven right into the horse blanket and the control device is battery powered too and part of the device.

Please contact me and please let your horse loving friends also know to contact me so I can share with you and or them more details on this new device, as soon as possible.

This device belongs in every horses Tack room! This is state of the art, folks and your beloved horse(s) deserves the very best.


That’s me, Celeste Yarnall with our big orange horse who is just waiting for his beautiful new Vet device!  It was soon after this shot was taken that it was placed upon his back and showed off for all to see by our companies CEO!! And here he is!



For More Information please feel free to contact me.

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