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What is BEMER?

The BEMER is an FDA registered class one medical device. BEMER is a highly effective & non-invasive technology that increases microcirculation by up to 30% during one 8 minute session. This effect lasts for 12-16 hours and greatly supports the cellular supply and disposal process that every cell in your body requires for regeneration and healing. Please watch this video to see what BEMER actually does:


This video offers an overview of each of the component parts of the BEMER

It’s important to learn about our Micro-Circulatory system.

When we think of circulation most of us think of the heart, arteries and veins. But veins and arteries constitute only 26% of the circulatory system. What about the rest of the vessel system? It is called the microcirculatory system and it makes up  74% of all of our small caliber vessels. They are the large and…

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