Sad Update From Celeste Yarnall, Please lend Prayers and Support to her Cancer Fund.


Dear Friends,
Earlier this month our beautiful friend Celeste Yarnall (Yeoman Landon in The Apple) discovered that, sadly,  her Ovarian Cancer has returned.  Fortunately it was found early, but again this will add a great emotional and financial burden to her and her family.  As you recall, I’ve been promoting Celeste’s GoFundMe page for nearly two years now, and as of today she is within only $7000 of her final goal of $50,000.  I’m asking you please to support her cancer treatment fund any way you can now.  I’m hoping she will not need a second cancer fund, but every bit helps.
Celeste, you’re in our hearts and prayers.  Take care of yourself, for you are very precious to all of us.  Thank you for your projects that help us help ourselves and our animals. You’ll get through this again, and your determination and strength of will are an…

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