Pillows Galore!

I love to change things up around our home which also doubles as our Celestial gallery for my husband Nazim Artist’s paintings. By simply adding some throw pillows with the art work on them even when you run out of wall space you can change up your pillows often without spending a ton of money!

We have a little sitting/reading room right by the entry way to our home so our guests can come through the front door and immediately be greeted by this flash of colorful art work! And we can enjoy tea in this cozy space, as well.


We have quite a variety of pillows for you to choose from at Nazim’s Website

Shown above are Ulysses Blue Butterfly, Monarch Butterfly, Black Tigertail swallowtail, and Pine White Butterfly. Also shown are Kissing Roses.

The centerpiece throw pillow on our couch is Femme Circle which is from an homage painting that Nazim did for the award winning documentary film we co-produced entitled, “Femme Women Healing the World.”

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You might also like our Rainbow Hemp Leaf throw pillow


You might also like our “Rainbow Rose” pillow below which comes from an artwork by Nazim Artist that was selected by the world famous designer Steve Madden for his VIDA collection for Home Shopping Network. He will debut shoes and a hand bag July 6th on HSN and the two items will be available for pre-sale on their website  https://www.hsn.com/watch/live58b9d6897c2a9d067b0d82f1_large

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