Presenting “Rainbow Rose” on the VIDA Home Shopping Network Show!

Nazim and I were honored that Steve Madden selected our Rainbow Rose out of 1000’s of artists submissions for a glamorous slip on sneaker and matching clutch handbag. Our contribution to the VIDA show went live July 6th on HSN with presenter Colleen Lopez on Home Shopping Network.

Nazim graciously gave me credit for the art so that I could be featured on the show as I do the design work for us for our Wearable Art collections and they were so kind to mention that the proceeds from the shoes and bags that are sold will go to help me continue my battle with ovarian cancer. I appreciated that very much and we do hope the items will sell out.

Here is the video clip from our segment of the show

I was honored to be featured on the HSN website along with the shoes and bag

“When beautiful fashion and artistry come together you get wearable art. This clutch features a beautifully illustrated rose, a flower with symbolic meaning and colors that blend with whatever your style is on the day you wear it. Covet the creative process and reap the ultra chic rewards every time you put it on.”

About the Artist

Celeste Yarnall (Rainbow Rose) – Celeste’s designs are informed by her work as a model and actress in both television and film.

About the Art

Rainbow Rose – depicts a mythical flower in our garden of human oneness. It informs the viewer that no matter who we enfold with our petals or where we find ourselves placed in our human color palette, we are all symbolical roses growing with our roots firmly entwined in our Mother Earth’s soil

SHOP for the bag at:…/steve-madden-vida-artist-ser…/8439650…


SHOP for the shoes:…/steven-natural-comfort-vida-g…/8472490


And you can purchase coordinating wearable art in the Rainbow Rose motif at my VIDA website:

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