Rose and Hemp Watercolor

The rose has the highest frequency of any flower or essential oil and it certainly brings out the best in me when I take the time to stop and smell the roses, so in that spirit I wanted to share with you the newest rose in our garden!

ROSE & HEMP 1500 watermarked detail copy 3

Presenting the curated collection for VIDA by Nazim Artist which continues with the rose motif. It is entitled, “Rose and Hemp” and it is now available in various design options such as the Sheer Wrap, the new Multi Wear Wrap, Racerback top, yoga/capri pants and a wonderful fold-a-way tote bag. You can find these exciting items at Nazim’s webshop:

If you have ordered from Home Shopping network the new shoes and/or clutch handbag that Steve Madden designed using our Rainbow Rose artwork then I think they will go very nicely with our Rose and Hemp collection.

Here is the link for the Steve Madden bag:…/steve-madden-vida-artist-seri…/8439650


And here is the link to the Steve Madden shoes:…/steven-natural-comfort-vida-g…/8472490


And don’t forget to check my website for the “Rainbow Rose” scarves, wraps and other cool things with this Artwork by Nazim to complement the shoes and bag!

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