Help Nazim’s Art be Discovered by HSN

I am sharing Nazim’s latest additions to his VIDA Wearable Art Collection here today because WE REALLY NEED YOUR HELP!

There is brand new HSN (Home Shopping Network) competition beginning today July 8th which Nazim has been asked to participate in. As most of you know Nazim graciously allowed me to take credit for the “Rainbow Rose” painting which we collaborated on but he actually painted, so I could make my debut on HSN’s, Colleen Lopez’s “The List” show.

I entered the competition for this call for art around the first of this year (2017) because VIDA asked their artist to submit art with our mission statement that VIDA would then submit to Steve Madden for a shoe and bag which he would create exclusively for VIDA exclusively. (See the items above which debuted July 6, 2017). We could hardly believe it when he selected the “Rainbow Rose” art work which I submitted, out of thousands of submissions. Steve Madden did indeed create the gorgeous shoes and bag currently available on the website.

The latest VIDA/HSN competition is a bit different because this time to be eligible we have to have, between today and July 12th, $500 in sales volume at Nazim’s Website.

We have been provided with a 15% off gift card to help our customers cost wise, so just use HSN-JLAC at check out as the coupon code, between now and midnight 7/12/17 if there are somethings you would like to order.  Please check out Nazim’s website and see what speaks to you. Your purchases would be absolutely awesome right now and help us so much!

Nazim has painted some magnificent original paintings which as you know I translate and design for his website (and mine, too) to create the wearable art, featuring apparel and accessories. I am including some of the newest additions.

The items above are from the “Rose in Blue” Collection by Nazim Artist

The items above are from the “Rose and Hemp” collection.

The items above are very different and are entitled “Bold Eagle” (they are from left to right the Bold Eagle large Merino Wool shawl, the Bold Eagle Sheer Wrap and the Bold Eagle Large Tapestry Wall Hanging.

The collection above is from Nazim’s Eye of Horus Collection and the Ankh collection

And the items above are from the Ankh of Horus collection all available at

VIDA and all of us VIDA artists are committed to producing wearable art in a socially conscious way. And the quality is just beautiful!


So just to recap, this month, VIDA is giving Nazim the chance to have his paintings presented to HSN for an upcoming show.

If you’d like to help him qualify for this amazing opportunity, please use the code below for 15% off any purchase from his collection!

15% off gift card
Enjoy 15% off
Using code HSN-JLAC
From now until midnight PST 7/12/17

Your purchase not only supports Nazim’s personal collection of hand-designed products but also brings him closer to being featured on HSN, it is clearly his turn and also makes a global impact.

VIDA is passionate about helping to drive social change for artists and makers. Their company offers literacy and empowerment programs for VIDA’s factory workers so they can build a better life for generations to come.

And Nazim’s and my sales all inure to my continuing battle with ovarian/peritoneal cancer. Nazim and I thank you in advance for your support. I also have a GoFundMe where more information and updates can be found.


See the “Rose in Blue” collection and the “Rose and Hemp” additions along with the “Bold Eagle” items and some of Nazim’s painting and designs influenced by our trip to Egypt where you see us below at the Giza plateau. 18582281_10212907987878257_7801608993650197361_n

Please visit Nazim’s Website for his whole collection and just know how important YOU are to us:


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