We’ve Got Jewelry!

We are so excited to share the launch of our expanded jewelry offerings at both my husband Nazim Artist’s VIDA and my Celeste Yarnall Vida Webshop!

Our first piece is part of  Nazim’s VIDA fine jewelry collection and is called Chakra! And right now we have a 15% OFF at CHECKOUT coupon code for you to use with our complements! You will find it at https://www.shopvida.com/collections/nazim-artist



You will find other beautiful pieces in the Chakra Butterfly art work at Nazim’s website to complement this piece!


I am wearing the Chakra Butterfly necklace with the Chakra Butterfly sheer wrap and matching 100% Modal (vegan silk) Long scarf. See Nazim’s VIDA webshop for the entire Chara Butterfly collection. https://www.shopvida.com/collections/nazim-artist 



I then added to my collection the “Heart 2 Heart” pendent in two styles one which you can see in the images above with the gold/silver contrasting yin yang metals and the other with the gold and cubic zirconia’s. There is a drop earring and a stud earring. These items you can find on my Celeste Yarnall VIDA webshop

You can also find the Rainbow Rose Pendent and the Star Yin Yang pendent and charm bracelet at my website. https://www.shopvida.com/collections/celeste-yarnall


Below is the Star Yin Yang charm bracelet, the 100% Modal Long Scarf and the Star Yin Yang pendent and keep in mind at the website you get your choice of gold or silver! Also available at my Celeste Yarnall VIDA webshop.



I launched a another Jewelry collection on Nazim’s Website in order to complement many of Nazim’s most popular pieces of wearable art.

Below at Nazim’s Website you will find the Pegacorn (an imaginary flying unicorn Pendent and 100% Modal Long scarf, Celestial Trek, Red Puma, Femme Circle Rainbow Hemp Leaf, Chakra Rose, and Monarch Butterfly.

Below I am wearing Pegacorn Sheer Wrap and matching 100% Modal Long Scarf (see below for the new Pegacorn Pendent!




Below you will find the Eye of Horus collection on Nazim’s Website.



The Ulysses Blue Butterfly Pendent and Modal Long scarf is below



We hope you enjoy mixing and matching and check our websites often for new additions to our limited editions of wearable art work!




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