911 Commemoration art by Nazim Artist

There is probably not a living soul anywhere on our planet who would not admit how deeply they were affected by the events that occurred on September 11, 2001. Each and every one of us expressed our feelings for this tragedy in our own individual ways in the days that followed, in order to cope with the enormity of the this loss in our lives personally and globally.

However, there is one individual who expressed his feelings in the best way he knew how to express them and that is by picking up his paint brush and applying his alchemical oils to canvas to express the powerful feelings that coursed through him personally during the tragedy. Perhaps he never thought that any one would ever see this work and thus it just poured out as a cathartic expression onto his canvas for his own personal healing therapy. The artist, Nazim Nazim who is my husband shares his feelings here with us about this day of remembrance and what led him to create his commemorative homage to 911.

 Nazim answered by saying:


“As I reflect on the first decade after the 9.11 tragedy, I find that these ten years have affected the consciousness of everyone in our world today. Nothing was ever to be the same in so many areas of our lives, within the spectrum of own personal freedoms. However, one has only to recall the powerful surge of the good that poured forth from so many in the face of this horror…there in the midst of an inferno we found the core of the selfless individuals human nature, and I recognized this trait in those heroic firefighters and all those who rushed in without ever thinking of their own well being. I was simply compelled by these acts of heroism to pay tribute and illustrate their selflessness in the best way I knew how, with layer upon layer of paint and emotion on those days that followed the event.

Now, I can look back and see I created without realizing it at the time, a commemoration and remembrance to the myriad acts of self sacrifice that were expressed on that fateful day and the days that followed, September 11, 2001. These brave acts from our fellow man were embodied by New York’s very bravest, those FDNY fire fighters who rushed into the Twin Tower infernos and the chaos created by men, to save men from peril. Here in my painting is one such anonymous hero enveloping in his arms a man he was fortunate enough to save and we see this mans gratitude to the firefighter in his expression.

The profound act of service performed by these selfless heros, will forever be etched, in not only my mind but the minds of all those in the annals of human history to come. Today we can share what it means to have the freedom to sacrifice ones own life to save life and that cements us all at the core of human goodness, regardless of dogma and our own personal belief systems. What remains inside these hero’s is a genetic disposition to enact justice and be of service in the face of this or any human drama. I was simply compelled to express the emotions that filled me during this time with this image that I hope implies to all, that out of the ashes will rise the Phoenix.”

~ Nazim Artist

I believe we can all join Nazim in that very same dream of hope and freedom.

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