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“Heed the still, small voice that so seldom leads us wrong, and never into folly.”~ Marquise du Deffand


Our  Guest Blogger, Nazim Artist shares his Celestial Musings and his vision, Venus Transit ~ Butterfly Nebula (Apotheosis) for The Art of Wellness Collection. ‘The Birth of Venus’ by Sandro Botticelli c 1486 Tempera on canvas – 67.9” x 109.6” … Continue reading

Guest Blogger Nazim Artist Shares the Art that has Inspired his own Art!

SEXUAL POWER SURGE! ‘Whistlejacket’ by George Stubbs c. 1762 (115’ x 97” inches) “For years I would make a weekly pilgrimage to the National Gallery in London, just to see the painting ‘Whistlejacket by George Stubbs. This mesmerizing picture registers … Continue reading

Beware: Dog Kidney Cells being used for new Mumps Vaccine!

The Art of Wellness and CelestialMusingsBlog, respect all life and we abhor animal testing. Here is a special warning for animal lovers and all vegans and vegetarians, please see my new Care2 blog, because there are dog kidney cells being … Continue reading

The Art of Wellness is about love!

“Deep down we must have real affection for each other,
a clear realization or recognition of our shared human status.
At the same time, we must openly accept all ideologies and systems
as a means of solving humanity’s problems.
One country, one nation, one ideology, one system is not sufficient.”
— The Dalai Lama

The Love Horse by Nazim Artist oil on canvass ~ 30 x 40″

“The Love Horse is, ”The Art of Wellness because the Art of Wellness is about love!”

~Nazim Artist

In Nazim’s original paintings, there is a natural, non-toxic, environmentally
friendly, GREEN compound of minerals that produces a continuous flow of
healthy air anions or negatively charged ions. Anions will clean the air of
mold, pollen, fungi, bacteria, odors, etc. Anions will also help improve your
concentration and awareness plus create a feeling of well being. It is like
stepping outside after a thunderstorm when the air is so clean and fresh.

This is what Nazim’s glazing on his paintings will create in a room. The viewer
is transformed by these ‘Energized Artworks,’ both visually and


All artwork on Nazim’s website is available as prints and hand embellished canvas reproductions, with his special holistic glaze.

Contact Nazim at his website for pricing and more details.

Defining Celestial Musings

This quote defines what I express here at Celestial Musings. “Follow the path of the unsafe, independent thinker. Expose your ideas to the dangers of controversy. Speak your mind and fear less the label of ‘crackpot’ than the stigma of … Continue reading

How do we honor the sacred feminine in all life?

First of all I would like to thank you personally for ‘following’  my new CelestialMusingsblog here at Word Press and welcome you to a little corner of my world where I muse about a subject that is a passion of both my husband Nazim Artist and me! We call it, ‘The Art of Wellness,’  and that spirit is all about honoring the sacred feminine and the sacred masculine in all life..the yin and yang of it all!

The Three Graces by Nazim Artist

I will be musing here at this blog on myriad of subjects but returning to this theme often. I also plan to feature guest bloggers with their artistic offerings and images, including my husband, Nazim Artist who painted this image of the three very modern Graces, …also please feel free to suggest topics of interest to you for me to share here.  Both Nazim and I sincerely wish to be of value to you in some way, so please stop by for a ‘muse’ often!

I was ‘musing’ this morning over a beautiful cup of tea in my garden, watching the squirrels eat our newly planted lettuce, (they have to eat too I guess), about a couple of news item’s that I posted on my Facebook page that seemed to provoke some comments, the first being: is a publication that as a writer/blogger, I contribute to often.  The subject of raw milk really gets me going because I love it and have drunk it all my life!
I am a very vocal advocate of a natural holistic lifestyle and I find these raids on our personal food choices and what we put into our own bodies especially upsetting, don’t you? We who have the honor of living in a so called free country should  have the right to put into our bodies what we want in order to nourish ourselves according to our own health philosophies.  For heavens sake if people want to eat Big Macs and Drink Diet Cokes and/or Beer, we don’t see anyone raiding them and yet we pay for all their medical problems in one or another, don’t we?
Why on Earth can’t we all be allowed to eat organic foods and drink natural organic  beverages, so long as we don’t harm others. If we like the friendly bacteria in raw milk how does it become their place to interfere. Bottom line, what we put into our own body and choose to drink should be our own business. I’ve seen spinach recalled more than raw milk!  Just let those of us who wish to drink raw milk alone we certainly should not have to stand by and watch innocent farmers being raided for trying to supply real milk to those of us who want it. It’s all about having a choice. The raw milk organic farmers are known to to be respected because their cows graze on grass and they care for them with love..rather than factory farms full of torture and pasteurization machines! Again, it’s about choice, choice to be vegan, vegetarian, conscious omnivore or whatever you like.
But this post isn’t specifically about the pro’s and con’s of drinking raw milk. I’ll do something on that topic another time..this particular news item merely sent me off on my morning  musings!
However in the spirit of a return of the sacred feminine, after all raw milk flows from our breasts after childbirth so it is something to be honored and something that means a lot to most women who have given birth and then nursed their babies, I shared the following news item:
 After perusing this I couldn’t help further musing about just what is happening with regard to personal freedom. I must say right here that I am fiercely independent politically, and I refuse to be ‘pigeon holed’ into a right or left position, but I wondered why it is today that we see women rights being trampled everywhere. Will more women in power help the situation? Are the women in public positions truly acting like  real women today or are they acting like men in their struggle to break the glass ceiling?  Are they leaving their sisters behind for their own power grab?
One of my friends on FB pointed out that the women in politics today seem to be selling us out! Now this is indeed a subject worth musing about it, don’t you think?
Here is what I would like to offer and please keep in mind or remember if you saw what I posted here recently (you can find it in my archives) and that is that my husband Nazim and I are both co-producers for Emmanuel Itier on his delicious new documentary film project entitled, FEMME: WOMEN HEALING THE WORLD (we have a last push going on to find more wonderful investors to help us complete this film project in the $500 to $1000 range, right now. This investment opportunity includes an associate producer credit and percentage of the profits. Please put your feelers out in your own networks in case you might connect to people who’d like to join us as investors and see that this message gets out there globally. I like to envision it doing for female empowerment, what ‘The Secret ‘did for the law of attraction. Email Emmanuel Itier directly at if  you’d like more information).
I also appear in the film Femme (I have been an actress all my life) and Nazim and I so believe in the films message that we have invested in it, as well.  We want to see it get completed in time for Oscar contention next year.
Here is a bit of what I have to say in Femme:
I feel that there has been a powerful shift since the early 1960’s from women being honored to be women and even a shift away from women being encouraged to honor themselves as women, as the nurturer, the giver of life, to a hybrid kind of woman who has been manipulated to think that she ‘needs’ to be more like men in order to play the game and succeed in business or politics, the so-called ‘mans world.’
Most women have had to work at one time or another in order to be heads of households for various reasons..but instead of being welcomed into the business world with all of our feminine attributes, and being supported with childcare options and  some job flexibility to do our other full time job ‘part time,’ we end up right in the middle of the patriarchy. Women are often made to feel guilty for taking time off to care for family matters….hence my voice in Femme: Women Healing the World where I make the point that we are critical importance to healing the world. If you watched it at the link above you will see where I am going with this statement.
I am not saying by any means in my interview with Emmanuel for Femme, that we can’t or shouldn’t be in business, heck I raised a daughter as a single mom and ran a business, too. But I think we need to not forget who and what we are and what we really have to offer, in the home, in the business world, and in the political arena and in the global consciousness of it all. I think men are slowly coming around to agreeing with us! I have a t-shirt that proclaims, ‘make art ~ not war!’
What is so cool is that I have found thus far, 3 men to invest financially in Femme (I thought only women would write checks for this effort, but one of my male friends stepped up first). Men now see the danger of this patriarchy that they built for themselves in order to dominate and control.  Generations of this way of life has caused the rape and plunder of our planet and its resources (including its women) in an effort to dominate and control it and they now know the need for the balance in life. We have educated them and they are hearing the message. It’s important to learn from men as well not forget what most men learn (and women too) in martial arts and that is that,  the way of ‘zen’  which works much more Lao Tzu stressed, ‘knowing others is intelligence but knowing yourself is wisdom..mastering others is strength but mastering yourself is true power!’ It starts within each of us on a very deep level as we become the change we wish to see around us.
Being sacredly feminine might also be thought of as a ‘knowing’ that the real strength we have to offer comes from our ability to love unconditionally…the mother/goddess spirit  comes from love  first and this  is where the power center is located…  it means we need to release wanting to control everything and everyone and dominate all life. In martial arts, the true way of the warrior teaches not to grab onto power and push back..but works with the power  so that it can flow through its natural channels and be harnessed effectively.
When we  discover for ourselves  how to create a ‘win win’ scenario on all levels and how it important it is to begin with what we can all agree upon and then rationally and respectfully find where we disagree. It’s ok to respectfully disagree and leave it at that or rationally present your case then allowing others to do the same one needs all the marbles…this is what leads to peace, and non violence.. we then harm nothing  and achieve balance, yin/yang or what ever harmonious adjectives you wish to insert to create a balance of power..Now is certainly a perfect time to honor the goddess in all things and put her back where she belongs, as an equal partner.
Emmanuel Itier, our Femme filmmaker expresses it beautifully here in part one of a recent interview:
If you had the chance to be part of this film and be interviewed for it, what would you say to a global audience to help empower women? Here is the trailer for Femme which offers a few other points of view which have been expressed thus far:
 Any one want to offer their own musings about how we women can heal the world?

Nazim Artist

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The Love Horse by Nazim Artist

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via Nazim Artist.

Astrology for Cats! Happy Birthday Gemini!

The Gemini Cat

The Gemini Cat

by Celeste Yarnall, Ph.D Artwork by Nazim Artist

With the Gemini Cat I am going to share with my CelestialMusingsblog followers a series of all 12 of the Astrological signs and their special affinity for our cats.  These blogs will apply equally well for dogs!

With each edition a bit of astrology background will be included. Whilst I am not an official astrologer, I think we can have fun with this topic and learn more about the personalities of our beloved cats that share our homes and our hearts.

My business, ‘Celestial Pets’ is devoted to our unique Art of Wellness concept which extends exponentially to all living things in our lives and of course our companion animals.

Please do feel free to contact us through our Celestial Pets website for introductory help and guidance with our recipes, our supplements and holistic modalities. Rest assured no purchase is required. Our desire is to be of value in a pay it forward sense. You might also wish to explore my books, Holistic Cat Care, co authored by Jean Hofve, DVM and my dog book entitled Natural Dog Care. Both are available at my website or on

Let’s explore Astrology for Cats!

Perhaps you already use a bit of astrology to chart your daily life right now, or just enjoy taking a peak at your daily horoscope on line or in a publication, I think we all do this from time to time.  However it is certainly not necessary to do much more than that to have fun with Astrology for Cats. Of course many choose to study it in depth and I truly take my hat off to these folks at his a very complex study to say the least. In the spirit of simply delving into the personalty traits of our cats and dogs too I am going to present in order as they come up on our calendars, the 12 sun signs of the zodiac and the corresponding personality traits as they apply to us, our cats, and the special relationship we have with them.

For hundreds of years, we’ve known that the seasons result from changes in the distance and angle of the sun’s rays relative to the Earth, and that the phases of the moon affect the tides, the planting of crops, and of course the hormonal cycles of women.  It isn’t a big leap to suppose these variables affect all living things, including our cats.

The only way we can truly assist our cats in the healing and cleansing of their own bodies is to look for clues in their symptomatic picture that can help guide us to appropriate natural remedies or methods of healing.  The more aware we become of our cat companions traits and actions, the better equipped we’ll be to help them on every level, including their unique body, mind and spiritual aspects.  In ancient times they referred to this study much more seriously than most do today. They had a name for it and that was ‘Astromedicine.’  You can work with astrology on whatever level you feel comfortable or not at all.

We are all unique and important in both the macro and micro cosmos! 

Considering that beyond what our cat companions, genetic makeup imparts, the personalities among kittens in a litter tend to be quite similar, even when taking into consideration differences in sex and pecking order.  Perhaps this is because they are born close together in time and usually share the same sun sign and several other planetary positions.

Though the serious astrological practitioner would develop a natal horoscope based on the exact time and place of the cat’s birth, this isn’t necessary for our purposes. The care, feeding, and spiritual well-being of our cats can benefit enormously if we simply learn about their astrological archetype. If you don’t know your cat’s birthday or exact age, you could choose a sun sign to celebrate the day you adopted her or the sign closest to her in personality  traits. I have previously explored each sign on my Care2 Celestial Musings blog. They are all archived here  at the link below if you would like to jump ahead or behind Gemini astrologically, should you wish to explore the other signs. I have now covered them all and this link will take you ahead to the Cancer Cat but again you will find them all listed here, as well.

Throughout the ages, as far back as the Sumerians or possibly earlier, people have applied astrological principles to every aspect of their physical and spiritual lives. In much the same way, you can explore these same 12 sun signs to help you augment your relationship with your cat.

Note: A gender prnoun is used for each sign because each Astrological sign is assigned a gender. I throughout this series  to the particular cat for each sign in a masculine or feminine tense. This is just how it has been done through the ages. For example I am a LEO and you will always see Leo referred to with a masculine tense. Every other sign in the 12 signs will have a gender which alternate every month.

Right now we are entering the sign of Gemini so let’s explore the personality of The Gemini Cat which will be referred to by the gender, ‘he.’


  • Cardinal element: AIR
  • Ruling planet: MERCURY
  • Earth color: ORANGE
  • Astral colors: RED, WHITE, BLUE
  • Mineral element: QUICKSILVER (MERCURY)

GEMINI is governed by the planet Mercury. The nervous system, as well as the respiratory system, glands, fibers and tissues, shoulders, paws, and toes are all governed by this sign. An elementary quality of wet heat is associated with Gemini.

Gemini is male and female, extrovert and introvert, aggressive and passive—all rolled into one cat. This animal is a lesson in duality, giving you a full range of emotions and physical attributes. He’ll give you a nip asking you to pay attention, then she’ll turn around and lick the same spot. He/she, she/he, back and forth. You may think it’s typical feline behavior, but no, it’s just Gemini.

A Gemini will never be your very own lap cat; this one belongs to the world. When you leave Gemini with the house sitter, you may fret that he’ll die without you. But he’s happily bonding with the sitter just in case you don’t come back, and if you don’t, he’ll cozy up to the real estate broker, too. It’s not that he’s fickle; just as the scorpion’s nature is to sting, Gemini’s is to be all things to all creatures. Just pretend you’re as special to him as he makes you feel.

The Gemini cat is a multifaceted, creative cat—poetry in motion. No doubt, he’ll create something, even if it’s havoc.

He’s ruled by Mercury, the winged-footed Greek god, so prepare to fly with him as if he were a catbird. However, he can slip through your fingers like quicksilver. Gemini is an air sign and air must circulate freely, so he will want the run of the house.

Gemini won’t want to sit still for long though, since he’s always in conflict. Just watch that tail swish to and fro. He’ll rarely finish anything, including dinner. Instead, he’ll be off making mischief somewhere.

Gemini is quick. A bird or mouse doesn’t have a chance. He’d like to eat it, but his twin likes to taunt and play with it first—hunger and patience at odds. Could we call him fidgety? No, everyone else is slow. Just let him be, as he changes so fast all his little quirks are here and gone in an instant. His mind sifts through so much so fast that not even the most avid nonverbal communication expert can get it all.

Do you have a Gemini Cat? If so, how does ‘he’ stack up to our model here?

Artwork by Nazim Artist

‘Monarch Cloud Burst” by Nazim Artist

‘Monarch Cloud Burst” by Nazim Artist

'Monarch Cloud Burst” by Nazim Artist

“Happiness is a butterfly,
which, when pursued,
is always beyond our grasp,
but which, if you will sit down quietly,
may alight upon you.”

— Nathaniel Hawthorne
Monarch Cloud Burst ~ Oil on Canvas with Holistic Glaze,
by Nazim Artist

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