More Greenlip mussel benefits!

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The Greenlip mussel of New Zealand (perna caniliculous) Most of you by now know that I do not recommend vaccinations for myriad of reasons but I also recognize that there are situations where they cannot be avoided. However with regard … Continue reading


Or “How Technology Has Mad Global Polio Eradication Impossible,” breaking story by Sayer Ji Founder of “While not discussed openly until ten years later, in a seminal work published in the Indian Journal of Medical Ethics, authored by Neetu … Continue reading

Beware: Dog Kidney Cells being used for new Mumps Vaccine!

The Art of Wellness and CelestialMusingsBlog, respect all life and we abhor animal testing. Here is a special warning for animal lovers and all vegans and vegetarians, please see my new Care2 blog, because there are dog kidney cells being … Continue reading

A New Mumps Vaccine is Cultured in Dog Kidneys!

By Celeste Yarnall Vegans and vegetarians need to be aware of the breaking news stories that bloggers are having a field day with, about specific ingredients from animal sources in vaccines. Be sure to do some serious research before … Continue reading

Could unvaccinated children actually get less asthma and allergies? If you, your children or pets have asthma or allergies, please look at my website as my research shows that the greenlip mussel oil in Moxxor makes this the right … Continue reading

Vaccination: A two Edged Sword for Both Pets and People

Please share this blog with those who are contemplating being vaccinated or vaccinating their animals. There is much new information here that the mainstream media does not share with us!


Let’s Take a Look at the Potential Dangers involved with Vaccination!

By Celeste Yarnall, Ph.D








What actually is vaccination?

Vaccination is also referred to as Inoculation and according to McGraw-Hill Science & Technology Encyclopedia is defined as:

“The process of introducing a microorganism or suspension of microorganism into a culture medium. The medium may be (1) a solution of nutrients required by the organism or a solution of nutrients plus agar; (2) a cell suspension (tissue culture); (3) embryonated egg culture; or (4) animals, for example, rat, mouse, guinea pig, hamster, monkey, birds, or human being. When animals are used, the purpose usually is the activation of the immunological defenses against the organism. This is a form of vaccination, and quite often the two terms are used interchangeably. Both constitute a means of producing an artificial but active immunity against specific organisms, although…

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