‘Collect’ Nazim Artist at Art Takes Times Square


Nazim Artist and I did a wonderful radio show in the UK and among the myriad of topics we chatted about was ‘The Art of Wellness’ and the Art Takes Times Square Art competition that Nazim is entered in. You can  listen to the show by clicking on http://southsidebroadcasting.podbean.com/2012/05/24/celeste-yarnall-nazim-artistic-prosperity-and-more/

NOTE: There is still time to cast your vote for Nazim in The Art Takes Times Square competition through the 27th of May 2012 and create your own artists portfolio to be eligible for a $2500 prize and a trip to NYC as you also have the opportunity after ‘collecting’ Nazim to then ‘collect’ other artists as well at: http://NazimArtist.artistswanted.org/atts2012.

We would so appreciate it if you would click on this link and ‘collect’ Nazim. This is a really great concept to help artists get noticed which is so important for their careers.

We look forward to hearing from you on what you think about this competition, and musing about how we can all enjoy ‘wellness artfully!’

“If man understood that …

“If man understood that, ‘what I create has nothing to do with what anybody else is creating,’  then he wouldn’t be so afraid of what others are doing.”
~ Abraham

There is a wonderful competition going on right now for artists and collectors, it is called Art
Takes Times Square. My husband Nazim Artist is entered in the competition and he has been as of this morning ‘collected’ 149 times. We’d love to have you join in and click on this link and then click ‘collect me’ to help him have a shot at being part of an exhibition of art in Times Square. The fun part is that every time you ‘collect’ an artist you get to grow your own on line art collection and have a shot at winning a fabulous trip to NYC! There are about 2 weeks left in competition. I think you need to have a Facebook account to be part of this. Here is the link:  http://NazimArtist.artistswanted.org/atts2012

The quote above fits in beautifully with this competition as the way this has been set up, the artists can help each other and we can help ourselves by collecting them as much and as often as we would like, so we have the spirit that ‘Abraham’ shares with us, and that is that ‘what I create has nothing to do with what anybody else is creating’…there is no fear then to step out of safe little box into a sea of infinite possibilities and go for the big picture…or in Nazim’s case the BIG painting. His master work is the ‘Butterfly Nebula’  and this canvas is 6 ft. x 8 ft wide. You will see a detail of the painting here as my header on this blog, however the full image is available when you click on the above link to ‘collect’ him or at his website http://www.NazimArtist.com

What do you all think of this competition AND have you entered yet? Remember we all have to ‘play’ to ‘win and this game is free to play!’ I look forward to your comments!