Presenting FEMME: Women Healing the World, a documentary film by Emmanuel Itier

Producer Celeste Yarnall with Femme’s Director/creator Emmanuel Itier

Producer Celeste Yarnall with Femme’s Director/creator Emmanuel Itier

The directors cut of FEMME – Women Healing the World, directed by Emmanuel Itier is currently being screened at various film festivals across the county. Nazim and I are so proud to be among the producers of this amazing film. I am honored to be interviewed and Nazim is over the moon to have 8 of his paintings included, as well.

One of Nazim Artist’s 8 paintings featured in FEMME

One of Nazim Artist’s 8 paintings featured in FEMME

For the last three years, director/producer Emmanuel Itier has been interviewing women around the globe about the state of the world and what we can do to save our planet and life as we know it. The consensus is that men and women need to use both the masculine and feminine sides of their natures and work together to shift the world towards a more balanced ethos.

FEMME is a daring undertaking, executive produced by Sharon Stone, that starts with the Goddess cultures and traces how the loss of the Sacred Feminine, the diminishment of women, the rise of patriarchy and the development of capitalism have affected our planet. It concludes that now is the time for women to step up and guide the way toward a world of caring economics that benefits everyone on the planet, not just men or a select group of elites.

Included are interviews with visionaries and scholars such as Jean Shinoda Bolen, Jean Houston, Marianne Williamson, Riane Eisler, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Gloria Steinem, Angela Davis, yogi Seane Corn, Rickie Lee Jones, shaman Sandra Ingerman, Nobel Peace Prize Laureates Shirin Ebadi, Mairead Maguide, Jody Williams, Celeste Yarnall, Barbara Lazaroff, Carole Wells, T.S. Wiley , Sharon Stone and many more.

FEMME was a huge success at the Awareness film festival and received a standing ovation by 800 women at a women’s conference in Aruba. Next screenings for FEMME  for the Spring 2013 season will be Palm Beach then Bermuda then Santa Barbara for a special U.N Association sponsored screening!

Watch the trailer for FEMME!

Please contact me for possible screening opportunities.

Femme: Women Healing the World, a documentary film by Emmanuel Itier

Femme: Women Healing the World, a documentary film by Emmanuel Itier

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FEMME: WOMEN HEALING THE WORLD ~ For all those men and women, who know how to nurture!

Originally posted on celestialmusingsblog:
For Mother’s day I wanted to share with everyone my recent interview with a filmmaker who does indeed believe in ‘women healing the world.’ And I am honored to be a part of his new documentary…

FEMME: WOMEN HEALING THE WORLD ~ For all those men and women, who know how to nurture!

For Mother’s day I wanted to share with everyone my recent interview with a filmmaker who does indeed believe in ‘women healing the world.’ And I am honored to be a part of his new documentary film as a co-producer with my husband Nazim Artist as well as being honored to be interviewed in the film.

Femme is presently in its final phase of completion and hopefully will be finished just in time for Oscar contention for next year. That filmmaker is Emmanuel Itier and his new film project, which I shared previously with my readers at Care2, is entitledImage

 FEMME: Women Healing the World. 

Emmanuel Itier has just become a proud DAD just in time for Mother’s day to precious baby MAX! Besides being a wonderful Dad, he is also the genius behind the amazing documentary entitled, The Invocation which is a documentary about God and a call for Peace. This film is indeed a must see!

Here is a video excerpt from my conversation with filmmaker, Emmanuel Itier for the new film.

Celeste Yarnall, PhD Interview for Femme: Women Healing the World

In turn, I interviewed this brilliant filmmaker, Emmanuel Itier for us here at my Celestial Musing blog for Care2 as I wanted to share with you all just a bit about who the man behind FEMME is as well as how he expresses his passion about bringing this powerful message to the screen that so beautifully honors women globally.

CY: What type of film project is ‘Femme?’

EI: “You can see a bit more about Femme here at this link, which we made before your interview, Celeste. Femme: Women Healing the World

“Our film, entitled Femme: Women Healing the World, is a feature length documentary that shares how women around the world are transforming and healing our planet. It’s an invitation to elevate our school of thinking and change our code of behavior with each other. I want to reaffirm, through the power of my lens, the necessity for a strong female presence in all aspects of our life today and to therefore help people understand that there is a need to go beyond our differences. It’s about where are our energies both male and female are complementary and how we can balance these energies with a sense of spirituality.”

CY: What do you hope Femme will accomplish?

EI: “My message is that I hope Femme, will bring to the world a message of peace, unity and connectivity. My hope is that we will all begin to recognize the Goddess spirit inside all women and thereby be able to empower women all over the world to acknowledge and find this state within themselves.”

CY: What is the vision quest of this exciting film project?

EI: Femme is a vision quest which has sought out and now shares the most important and influential women around the world. We meet them in their daily lives, and where they are making a difference, through religion, spirituality, science, history, politics, philosophy and entertainment. We have been meeting and interviewing various leaders in each of these fields as well as interviewing unsung, heroic women who are living in the many geographical areas that we are visiting.

These interviews are being intertwined with footage of the scenery and the discoveries that we have made during this inspirational voyage.”

CY: Share with us, Emmanuel, who you and your team members are.

Emmanuel Itier and Sharon Stone

EI: “I am the projects director and producer. I have been a world journalist and filmmaker for many years, Here is my website which will share with you the many projects I have been involved with over the years.

My last directorial effort is entitled, The Invocation, and it is a documentary about God and World Peace. The Invocation has received several awards including ‘Best Documentary’ and even a ‘Humanitarian Award.’ The support team for Femme, includes Sharon Stone as our Executive Producer (Sharon was also our narrator in The Invocation, along with the very talented, Claude Budin-Juteau (Director of Photography) and Amanda Estremera (editor) who both worked on The Invocation with me.”

CY: Tell us about the structure of the documentary. Since our world is changing we see that women are more present today at all levels of leadership. Who are these women, and how can they change our world?

“All of the women in the film represent not just the feminine spirit, of mind and body but are truly a force to be taken very seriously. We explore, one conversation at a time, the relationship that these fantastic women have with their own personal vision. They share intimately, how they deal with the fact that they are women and face the adversities and limitations that have been imposed upon them by a male dominated society. How they overcome the day to day difficulties and clichés rampant in societies all over the world. We then see how their vision and or ‘business plans’ for a new world are in many cases, already in motion and NOW being felt at every level of our society.

We conclude the film with a powerful message, and that is that we need to unite and reach for a new level of spirituality, not just pay ‘lip service’ to it but to actually respect the highest degree of humanity between the sexes. We are focusing on women and men, and on the relationship that exists between them in todays world. In Femme, we explore what our responsibilities to our world are and how we can experience them in a more egalitarian way. This is our challenge as human beings and our mission is a lofty one to say the least. We want to help this planet and all of it people experience spiritual oneness. This will happen through allowing women to express and realize their natural birthright, which is to be of great help in healing the world.”

CY: How will this film look? What is the image system at play here?

EI: “We have a mix of traditional ‘beauty’ shots which we are filming as we travel to the various places around the world, we use footage from the various interviews we have collected from our selected list. We want very much to engage our audience and make them feel a part of our journey of discovery. Our filming style for this documentary is somewhat unique as we invite each interviewee to interact with the camera, to speak into the camera as if they were speaking to the audience themselves in a ‘one on one’ manner.

We are presently in negotiations with our prospective narrator, a very famous person known for his political and humanitarian spirit. This individual will also do some voice over work in between the various segments.

We don’t want to make a film with any “talking head” types. But, we are very keen for the film to be full of energy, humor, and deep thoughts expressed by deep thinking women from all walks of life. Also, a beautiful soundtrack will be made up of various musical styles which will enhance the tone of the film and give it a pulse and rhythm all its own. The Invocation,has a proven success formula and that is being applied again to Femme.

CY: You are incorporating a very powerful message, Emmanuel. How will
Women Heal the World?

EI: “You know, Celeste, women used ‘to rule the world!’ In ancient times, it was believed that earth had been created by a Goddess and Mother Earth embodied that spirituality. What was true about it and what became a myth is a very big question and I would like to attempt to answer why this shift to all things masculine happened in this film. I think it will be made clear, as it seems to me that with the birth of the three main monotheistic religions, Man pushed the Women outside of the temples and declared himself a living God, complete with the masculine pronoun professing it, in most languages we find God named only in the masculine tense and that helped to sell it as truth. With so much gender bias we have to wonder what happened truly and what is the role played by women in today’s society? What defines a woman today?

Just like all human beings, women are faced with some essential questions they themselves, need to answer in order to find the true meaning of their own existence as women and their appropriate place or position in the world today.

We will delve into the feminine ‘spirit,’ raise a magnifying glass to her beautiful mind and see through the eyes of some very enlightened women as to how they view this ever changing world.

We will look at the physical presence of women and how on an energy level they are so important and complementary to us, men.

Finally, we will redefine the role of women now and see how women can save our world from destruction. We will also do our best to reestablish a new and fresh approach for a better relationship between men and women as equal partners.

Without women, without their feminine energy, life just cannot be. There can be no ‘yin’ without ‘yang!’ I am very clear about that! In Femme, I want to help the men in the world today to not be threatened but to embrace this paradigm shift, making way for the ‘Goddess’ to emerge again so that we can truly make ourselves ‘one’ with women!”

CY: I am so honored to be included in this amazing project, Emmanuel. How can people find you to learn about how they might be of help in this endeavor?

EI: “That is so easy, Celeste I can be reached through
and welcome inquiries, especially from potential investors, as we are in the last phase of completing this landmark film project which will truly empower women to heal the world!”

In summery, if we each believe we can play a role in healing the world, let it be written, and let it be done!

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