Come see the Art of Wellness Collection and Nazim and me at the Conscious Life Expo (booth M-15) this weekend (Friday thru Sunday)!

View The Conscious Life Expo Website Interspecies Communication Sunday, February 10 12pm – 2:00pm Learn all about how you can have a 2-Way Dialogue with the animals in your life using telepathy as well as the most revolutionary and progressive alternative, … Continue reading

This Holiday Season Buy Things From People Who Need your Purchase!

This is what true friendship is all about..supporting one another in their health and wealth endeavors! I just did some of my holiday shopping from my friends in Canada at ‘Living Libations’ and they made a purchase from Nazim and me, … Continue reading

The Skin Cream that offers TRUE SCIENCE with every drop!

Life Vantages,TrueScience Skin Cream offers the same integrity and quality found in every bottle of Protandim! I take it, I use it, I trust it! Whilst many Network Marketing companies today exclusively use the famous before and after photo’s and … Continue reading

PEMF (Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field Therapy) = The Art of Wellness

See my sacred healing space that NAZIM and I created for our choice in PEMF devices, which is called BEMER right here at my,  The BEMER CLASSIC or PRO is great for your whole family including your children and companion animals, who can cuddle with you whilst you enjoy your BEMER session! Have something healthy first like a great smoothie and take your nutraceutical supplements and have BEMER transport this healing nutrition through enhanced microcirculation!